Monday, July 19, 2010

Second set of signatures completes Dianne's journal

Once again, I apologize for not visiting everyone's blogs, even over the weekend. I spent much of Sunday working in my weed infested garden. When not there, I was putting the final touches on my house in preparation of my company. I sure could have used a man or six this weekend. I'll share photos soon.

These are the pages from the second set of signatures for my friend Dianne. If you want to see what she has already done with the cover, please see this post on her blog.

The first page is one of my shaving cream papers. Remember, Dianne doesn't just journal, she also draws lovely pictures to accompany her words. That's why her pages are more bare than the previous recipients' journals.

Green page is actually a secret pocket.

Yep, that's a rubber stamped bird.

Couldn't resist stapling the tickets which will add yet another writing surface. "How to make a bow" was one side of a ribbon holder (what ribbon came on).

Page on right from an old answering machine or scanner manual (can't remember which).

Top right is a dress label.

Coffee container became a tag holder.

The page on the right flips back (see below). For some reason, I couldn't cover it.

I thought Dianne might be able to use her imagination on the $1000 Beer.

Stitching is supposed to be lines for journaling. This is also a pocket for keeping sketches and ideas.

This is the back.

Today's blog artist is not just a journaler, she is also a calligrapher. Mountain Mermaid describes it as "lettering," I call it brilliant. I first found her blog during OWOH and was truly impressed with her skills. Although I believe her name is Lisa, her profile is a bit sketchy. One thing I do know is, she lives in Colorado, near the Arkansas River, the same one that I showed pictures of yesterday. Her photos show a river less polluted and more beautiful, though (before it runs through Kansas). Please visit Mountain Mermaid today and check out her art, her lettering, and her lovely photos of her surroundings.

16 thoughtful remarks:

Marilyn Rock said...

All spreads - so cohesive and creative. Love the secret pocket, too. Incredible! I just can't get over how much you can get done with all that you have going on; you're amazing! But; I knew that :) xxoo slow and easy in the heat.

Brian K said...

These pages are extra-extrodinary! They are incredible! And don't we all need a man or six?

Diane said...

One page is better than the other. She will love this-how could anyone not treasure this?!

Halle said...

More wonderful pages! You seem to have a gift for these...using all your scraps and interesting bit you've collected over time.

Steph said...

These pages are simply awesome!!! E!! Love them love them to bits....and totally inspiring....hugs steph

Terri Kahrs said...

Elizabeth, I must agree with the majority of these comments - your signatures are filled with awesome little surprises and wonderful bits and bobs! What a treasure!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Joanie Hoffman said...

These pages are super! I love all that you put into each page to make it so different from the others. There is so much to look at before any journaling is done! Gotta love that flip out page.
Happy days,

FlipSyde said...

Yes, coffee container, yes stitching on green fabric to create 'lined paper' effect, $1000 Beer - yes if someone else is paying, I love when you post pictures of your pages because then I feel like, 'oh heck yes, I can too use that soda bottle wrapper in a collage' - also because it's a joy to peek at the journal pages you make - but I always say that when you post the journals...

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth - thank you so much for your mention today! I am Lisa - and I really appreciate your kind words and enthusiasm about my blog. It is motivation to post more consistently! I love the book you created for your friend, too. How very cool. I know I've been to your blog before - and I spent some time on it today. The projects you are doing, and the varied work is intigueing and inspiring. Cheers from Lisa the Mountain Mermaid (in Salida, Colorado)

Mar said...

awesome pages
weeding bah

little ed flew off today he is a big bird now

Lynn said...

obviously the possibilities are endless for creating journal pages!! Yours are such fun to explore!!!

Cindy McMath said...

Wow Elizabeth, these pages are amazing! Dianne is going to have so much fun with this.

Cindy :)

PS - enjoy your company!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

a man or six ... you're funny! be careful what you wish for LOL!!!

more wonderful pages for Dianne = WOWEE!!!
I'm off to check out what she did with the cover!

See you for tea later

Dianne said...

yep, this is the 'good stuff'! I am loving this & trying not to be worried about covering any of it up...!! have a great week...

druga szesnascie said...

I love your journal pages! they make me think and feel like experimenting a little.
and your lovely comments make my wings grow... ;)

Melinda Cornish said...

these pages are so awesome...I love all the odd bits of things that you really gives me a lot to look at....