Saturday, July 24, 2010

Lazy Days

I started to color that fabric with the mystery material yesterday, but made the mistake of visiting just a very few blogs. By the time I got off the computer, it was too hot to work outside. The heat index was stifling and dangerous. Even Bleubeard was panting and not wanting to join me. So, I sorted what I bought the day before and began dealing with what needed to go where. While in the basement, I found an entire folder of stickers which I brought upstairs. Instead of putting them away, I had to make room for them. By this time, it was too hot in my little craft room to do much. As you can tell, the day turned into one where I sat in the coolest room in the house for practically the entire day and did nothing, except sleep, eat, and visit a few of my blog buddies.

As for those of you who are still pondering yesterday's powdery substance, I remembered I took my flour (which was still in its original packaging) to a friend's house to make some dough art. I'm not even sure where the bag came from that I removed from my craft room. I do know (like some suggested) that I would have marked the bag of material, so again, I think it was plaster of paris. I have a tiny bit left in the bag, and may try to set it up or turn it into texture for a mixed media piece. Regardless, I still didn't get any flour, but I will have some before Monday's post.

Today, since I have no art from yesterday, I am going to show the first set of signatures in my friend Halle's journal. Halle's book is a lot different from Dianne's (the last one I showed) because I filled it with images, prompts, and blocks for writing. Instead of leaving lots of room for drawing pictures, Halle's book has plenty of inspiration for her to write around.

Here is the first page.

Left is an image from an old book. Right is a coffee cup (ad for internet) on shaving cream paper.

Another magazine and masking tape background on left and National Geographic soaked in turpentine on right.

Left has magazine image on painted background. Right side is a postcard sewed to more painted paper and a word prompt.

Asian influence on left and altered magazine image on right.

More images and prompts.

Tag and tag holder dominates the right side, along with a Disney picture.

More images and prompts.

A two window envelope prvided lots of room for prompts and tags.

Hidden text will be great under these two spreads.

I know that Halle isn't big on Asian influences, but I thought one page would be fun for her to try her hand at.

Doily on left, flap and pocket on right.

My favorite page in this set of signatures is on the left. The children remind me of Halle and her blog. More tags on right.

Pocket with tag and writing paper on left, paint chips on right. I ran out of thread on left and had to re-thread the machine. Didn't see the mess I made until after I scanned it.

Back page has another paint chip. I think you'll agree, these are totally different pages than Dianne's but similar to Gina's (except I tried to keep Gina's more vintage). I'm looking forward to making more art tomorrow. I understand the weather is supposed to cool on Sunday for one day only. The remains of the hurricane, I suspect.

Today's blog features a New York (USA) subway commuter who takes his camera with him to and from work. Since I love featuring men with art blogs, John Mora will be fun for all. And I no longer feel so bad that my photos have movement. Mora makes an art of it, and quite well, I might add. His blog is titled typos.daylight.fate and many of his posts are as abstractly written as his photos, which mix with the occasional music lyrics, and lovely digital art. He seems to be having a bit of trouble with his new computer, so the art may be back a page or two, but it's well worth hunting for. So please check out John's ("might as well type like a mon.key.") blog today.

11 thoughtful remarks:

FlipSyde said...

Like always, I love these pages. I am working on some right now too, and after viewing yours, I am tempted to try my hand at sewing onto the page. I never thought of it. Yes, seriously.

Cindy McMath said...

Love these pages Elizabeth - what fun to work in one of your wonderful books!

Cindy :)

Seth said...

A very cool book. Halle is going to have a lot of fun working in it.

Steph said...

I am so in love with your journals,'ve inspired me... hugs..

John M. Mora said...

Thank you for your visit and your kind comments - I will visit - thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today. I enjoyed reading about the journal. I hope to learn about blogging from blogs like yours. As you know I am new, new, new and have alot to learn but have alot of great blogs like yours to learn from :-) Thanks for the support! ~Sherry F.

Josh Healy said...

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Margaret said...

Elizabeth, I love these pages, your really have a great eye for composition! totally inspiring! I'm hoping to start my second and third journal shortly! and all that from a non jounal maker, hmm a bit of an addiction I think! Mx

Halle said...

I love my journal. Once again though I'm always afraid to start working in a book. Old books I have to problem but something handmade always makes me nervous. I will use it, I promise!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Lucky Halle! Think of it as adding to the beauty of it rather than being a bit afraid to make a can't do anything wrong - it's yours!

Melinda Cornish said...

I love, love, love that first page!