Sunday, June 13, 2010

Silent Sunday's blog

I have been hungry for flan ever since I picked up some at the Museum Cafe. I can make it, and have many times, but it takes forever to make. So, I went looking for a quick flan recipe and found there are none. In the process, I found this awesome food blog called My Burning Kitchen. It is hosted by a graphic designer named Darlene and her husband, Our Man Horn, who live in San Diego, CA (US). Read through their blog and you will see they love to eat, and often show some pretty impressive meals, along with fish on Friday, which includes everything from fish sandwiches to fish tacos. The posts are funny, enjoyable, and a great read. You'll be hungry for donut holes and good food before you're finished, and you'll love the titles of the posts, if nothing else.

3 thoughtful remarks:

Dana Chabino said...

Hey! That's the museum I go to all the time! Cool! :)

Hope you are having a great weekend!

Mar said...

this sure looks like a peaceful trip day!
lovely shade trees artwork to browse..and that is just outside!

i haven't even ever tasted flan... said...

Thank you so much for the flattering mention on your blog! I'll try to post a recipe for flan in the future. My mom and brother(!) both make amazing versions of it. Hope you have a lovely week!