Thursday, May 20, 2010

Wednesday Shopper

I seem to make it a Wednesday habit to go to the Salvation Army. But, today I had to go, because I was in need of more than a few groceries.

As with last week, I stopped to take a few pictures of my growing garden. With the rains we've had all week, I had not been out to check it. Imagine my surprise when I saw the lovely flowers blooming on the peas.

Even more surprise when I checked and found my spinach, which was being choked out by weeds, something I didn't have last year. I must get to the garden as soon as the rain stops and get this problem corrected.

More peas. What was once two straight rows is now a jumbled mess.

Even the tomatoes are being killed by weeds.

This end, with more tomatoes and the lettuce are doing better in the weed department. Remember, this is the area I had planted before and was not turned by Scott.

Off to see what bargains I can buy. The sign made far more sense than last week.

Ten cent books are amazing. I bought four to use in projects.

I bought a few other things, but didn't have time to take photos of them. I got home so late from running all over trying to buy a few groceries, I barely had time to prepare a meal before my beloved LA Lakers took the floor for their second game in the Western Conference finals. I will try to get pictures taken soon.

Today's blog isn't really a blog but a web site. Now I realize Laura Murray is there to sell her wares. But overlook all that and go straight for the art quilts. You'll really get a colorful eyeful at Laura Murray Designs.

6 thoughtful remarks:

Tess said...

So that answered my e-mailed question. You've been getting a lot of rain too. Looks like you have a full day of weeding ahead of you. It will be all worth it though when you get to eat your very own home-grown veggies. No pesticides. I juat can't seem to get a garden to grwo where we live. We tried the first few years we were ion the house and just gave up. Now I just plant flowers. They do better....

La Dolce Vita said...

yes, a ton of rain here too, hoping for some sun today to get in the garden a bit! and get another line of lettuce planted for later in the summer. will post some photos on my other blog, and I think I will join you for tea on tuesday!

Marilyn Rock said...

We've had a rainy May really. The sun is out brightly, today, with beautiful temperatures. It feels good. Your garden is great; I know the weeds are just pesky! xxoo

Halle said...

So far so good on the garden it appears...with the exception of all those weeds! Are you going to make Scott come over and help weed?!? :)

Healing Woman said...

The peas will be so delicious fresh from the garden!

I checked out Laura's website and added it as a favorite. Great stuff! Thanks.

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

I LOVE peas, but don't grow them cause my hubby won't eat eat some for me when you harvest- your lettuce looks gorgeous too!