Friday, April 9, 2010

Par Avion (Hands AB), WIP update, and a birthday gift gone astray

In keeping with Earth Month, I continue to use as many recycled pieces in my art as possible. Today is no exception.

What is better than postage stamps? Mail art! Not sure if these were intended to be mail art or not, but I simply had to use all these in a spread in my Hands AB. The background is deli paper and I stamped the two crows or black birds on the pages. I used whatever I had in the way of mail art and some silk flowers I tore apart in an old arrangement. I covered the addresses on the page on purpose.

As I was looking for more Par Avion stickers, I realized one thing: each country has different ones. For some reason, I thought they were all the same. Go figure. Only the deli paper and hand image are new. Everything else is recycled.

I also made a template for my WIP,

and painted a paper sack using gesso. All will be revealed next week.

Dana sent me a PEEP. She made it using one I bought her for Easter.

Then Tess from The Heart of Words asked what I will be doing with the Plarn from yesterday's post. I can knit and crochet, but my form of arthritis, which is a birth defect, doesn't allow me to spend much time doing either. So, I'll be taking it to my neighbor, an avid crocheter, who is going to make a little something with it. I told her most people make beach bags or grocery totes with it. Whatever she makes will be fun to see. Just remember (although it goes without saying, I'm going to say it anyway) DO NOT USE IT TO MAKE POTHOLDERS or anything that will cause the Plarn to melt.

And finally, here is a project I started

that was inspired by one I found in Green Craft magazine, put out by Somerset.

The supplies I used were (from left):

1 package of dress maker patterns
1 foam brush
gel medium
1 cleaned and dried half of my KFC container from Wednesday

I planned to make this and give it to Kathy today when she comes to join Dana and me for her birthday bash, but this part is still not dry and it's been over 12 hours. So be sure to plan your birthday gifts well in advance and don't start the day before like I did.

Today's blog satisfies several things. 1) It's a man's blog. You know I love showing men and their art. 2) It's a recycling blog. 3) It isn't as much art as it is a how to around the house kind of blog. Unfortunately, I couldn't leave a comment because I don't have a Word Press membership and I'm not going to register for something just to leave a comment. His "Digital Diary Detailing Datamancer's Deeds" will get you going, then his project will leave you laughing and saying "how clever." The blog is called Datamancer and there is a lot to look at. If it's not your thing, your spouse or significant other might enjoy it. Cats, not so much.

Have a great Friday everyone. I'm off to do a whirlwind house cleanup, then get some sleep before Kathy gets here.

8 thoughtful remarks:

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

I can't wait to see what comes of your WIP, and the hand AB image is wonderful- I love pieces that incorporate mail ephemera!

Healing Woman said...

Anxious to see what you do with the gel covered brown paper bag. One time I ripped brown grocery bags into tile shapes and put gel on the back, glued them to a small concrete laundry floor and then stained it. It looked just like a stone floor. It also lasted many years. I love recycling and enjoy seeing all the really cool things you do with odd items.

Tess said...

LOved this post. Your recycling is wonderful. The mail art is gorgeous. Ive been painting used envelopes the last few times I sent something out but yours is way cooler. I must find some of those avian stickers. And the brwon paper bag really has me curious.
I can crochet, woo hoo, if I can just manage to find the time to do it I may try crocheting a plarn tote. I'll show and tell when I get it done. I have saved oodles of plastic bags in all colors so will have plenty to cut from. Now to find my rotor cutter. I think I bought one. Hmmm, maybe I better get a bit more organized....
Loved the link you shared. His site is so manly and yet I could really enjoy it too.

Terri Kahrs said...

Hopefully your try has dried out a bit more! **chuckling** I've got a birthday party on Sunday, and it just "hit" me that it would be nice to take a fancy birthday crown as part of my gift. So many ideas, so little time. Why couldn't I have thought of this two weeks ago?!?!? Enjoy your day, Elizabeth! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Lynn said...

Fun watching your art develop! Will keep watching to see what becomes of that black tray and pattern paper. A picture frame? A frame for more art?
I'm guessing at what I see in the Magazine picture.
Love the top art.
Sorry you have to deal with a form of arthritis.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

some great projects in progress
dress pattern paper is such a wonderful ingredient, Love the idea of adhering it to a metal pan! it will be fun to see your final reveal!
Happy Friday!

Marlynn said...

Oh, Elizabeth, fascinating post. Love the works in progress and the one you completed. Can't wait to see the finished KFC container. Fascinating. Keep up the recylcing girlfriend. The world will halt if you stop - I know it will. Mother Earth told me so. You are a wonderful soul!

Paula Phillips said...

Such a wonderful post! I love mail, so the page at the top speaks to me.
Much Love