Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Sort and organizing FUN!!

Dana and I had so much fun yesterday. When we first got to her house, I wanted to see what her brother-in-law and she had done since I last saw her garage.

All these boxes are ones she and I packed to bring from her new home to the one she's living in now, but the chairs and such were brought by her BIL in his truck.

Dana showed me her "kiln furniture." Yep, that's what she said it's called.

More boxes next to the garage door are also ready for a sale.

As are these boxes. Everything that Dana and I packed from the other house, was now in her garage, waiting for someone else to own it.

Dana's craft studio was a MESS. When she and John started moving the shelves to the new house, the fur flew, as did things that didn't get sorted or purged.

I thought we should use her solder and metal working table as a staging area.

I loved how some of Dana's art was arranged on the table.

I fell in love with this doll and her dress. She is just too cute!

The last of the boxes and containers we packed yesterday are now at her new home.

As we loaded her car, Whisper, her darling cat, looked on. It's obvious he is not camera shy.

The kiln is in her new garage. I swear the floor doesn't look green, but that's how my camera perceived it.

At least one side of her double garage is clear. This was the area we stacked the boxes before, so it's good to see it clear, now.

I really didn't take any photos of Dana's layout, except the small cubby we decided would be the perfect spot for her fabric and fabric cutting table.

We even decided these wire baskets that turn into cubbies would be the perfect place to store her fabric.

OOPS. I caught Dana getting ready to hang one of her large cutting mats.

The cubby is together (a genuine feat, I might add) and the mat hung. Now to bring in the table. Since there's an electrical outlet, this will be the perfect place for her small travel iron, too.

When we started putting things on the shelves in the "other" room (the first room will be the fabric and sewing room), there were only two bins on the shelves.

Things are starting to look good, but Dana had to put things on the top shelf.

We drug tables out to use as staging tables. When we unpacked things that hadn't been sorted, we placed like items together. If Dana knew there was more of something, or something was missing, we left it on the staging tables.

We only had two or three things left to unpack for the day.

Dana found her toaster oven and was about ready to put it next to the other polymer clay supplies when I snapped this photo that didn't want to lighten very well.

Here are two empty boxes, ready to go back to her place to be refilled.

Everything has a place and is in its place. It's even labeled.

Dana was acquainting me with the contents of a container.

We only left a few things that still needed to be gone through.

And the staging areas were mostly cleared of items that needed a home. I thought I had a nice large space until I found hers. This room will house the kiln, tables for painting, paper crafts, metal working, soldering, resin, and anything that doesn't have to do with fabric. I'm really LOVING her layout, but this room will need better lighting, I fear.

Today I decided to feature a web site, instead of a blog. It belongs to Gino Salerno, who is pretty famous in and around Wichita, KS. The link attached to his name takes you to his home page where you can read about him, if you like. However, of particular interest to me, and I hope yours, are his chain saw tree sculptures that were all the rage a few years ago. In fact, the City of Wichita hired him to make a few sculptures from dead trees that were close enough to a bike or walking trail, that they would be entertaining to passers by. Several of the trees shown on the Sculpture page are at private residences within a mile or so of my home. Be sure to click on the video links to see lots more examples of his art. I hope you like his art. I sure do.

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Healing Woman said...

Dana will someday look back on this posting and appreciate what her new house once looked like. Are you printing your blogposts? I have been printing mine with Share2, think that is the name. I first started printing them out myself but the ink and paper were extremely costly.
These little books I have of the postings are precious to me because I know I will hand them down for future generations to see the way we all live now..Hopefully future generations will appreciate them!

Melinda Cornish said...

next time I reorganize I am calling you....you seem to like it and I hate it so we will get along just fine!

Lynn said...

I did a clean up here yesterday too. I love how much space she has JUST for art making. Lucky lady.

Anonymous said...

You got me in the mood to organize and clean. Now that is saying something. Thanks for always inspiring us.


Kimmie said...

It makes me tired just looking at the photos! but, wow! what a great friend you are! That was way too much work for one person - she'd still be at it I'm sure!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Dana must be so tickled to have your help Elizabeth. You are the organizing queen!
You both certainly got a lot accomplished!

Terri Kahrs said...

How quickly you seemed to get things organized! Working with a friend always makes hard work a lot easier, and you've accomplished quite a lot in a short time. Love the way you've documented the "process". Geeze, you're an organizer extraordinaire and a darn good friend too!!! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Lisa said...

Whew - what a lot of work! Wow...I'm impressed with both of you. Great friendship! :)

Marlynn said...

WOW - when you two start working you don't stop. I was tired by the end of the post and so IMPRESSED... yes, impressed with your progress. Have to agree with Patty - you are the organizing Queen, girl! Yes you are!

Dianne said...

you two make an amazing team! it is going to be a wonderful space, and so organized...