Monday, March 29, 2010

Birthday blessings

Yesterday, my dear friend Sally turned 65. She was really happy about it, too. I would not be so happy if I was turning 65, but for her it was a new milestone. I took Sally to one of her favorite Chinese restaurants for an early afternoon lunch. We timed it such that there were a few customers, but not crowded.

For her gift, I took a page out of Patty Szymkowicz's playbook when I sewed Sally's envelope shut.

I thought it would be much easier than ripping out staples or dealing with packing tape,

but Sally didn't realize she could pull one end and the entire thing would come apart. I finally had to open it for her, a feat that was so easy, even I could do it with my arthritic fingers.

Once inside the envelope, she looked at the gift that was wrapped in clear plastic,

then went for the one that was wrapped in some of my deli paper. I'm finding so many uses for this versatile paper. I used some left over from my flowers I made a few weeks ago.

Sally inspects her Burt's Bees heavy duty repair cream. The day that Dana and I went to the health food store, I asked the lady what was best for cuts on the hands or fingers that wouldn't heal. She pointed me to this stuff, a Burt's Bees product I had never used.

Next, Sally opened her other gift, a hand crocheted hat.

Next she fixated on getting the Burt's Bees tin open.

I had to help her with that, too, since I have fingernails and she doesn't.

Soon it was food to the rescue. There was a ton of veggie foods on the buffet, along with a wonderful tomato shrimp dish. I ate till I hurt.

After the meal, Sally showed me her new driver's license, which was a strip of thermal paper. Then she opened her fortune cookie while I finished my meal.

After she read it, she laughed so hard, I couldn't get a good photo. What did it say? "You are known for your organization skills." We both agreed that was supposed to be mine, because nothing could be further from the truth in Sally's world.

When Sally asked what I was working on, I told her I was still trying to finish my Hands AB. She held up her hands and offered them as a digital remembrance of the day and a possible AB spread.

All in all, it was a really, really fun day. No art, but lots of laughs and Chinese food shared with a friend.

Would you like to spend a day in the country? If so, head on over to Heather Cameron's blog and spend A day in the country or possibly a day reading her blog. Heather and her family live in Canada on a farm, named Missing Goat. Why? Because their goat is missing. Read Heather's delightful stories as she takes you through her day, which includes (time permitting) cooking from scratch (including sharing recipes), decorating her home (and photographing it for several high end magazines), and other delightful events. If you like a down to earth, enjoyable folksy read, this blog is for you. And Heather might even have some homemade bread and butter ready for you to sample.

13 thoughtful remarks:

Healing Woman said...

Well, you've done it again. Sent me to another fabulous blog. Heather Cameron's blog is a treat. You seem to find all the best blogs out there. I think I know how you accomplish so are an early bird.

Very nice posting of your friend and considerate of you as well.


Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful site. My Dad and brother started an organic farm last year and we have a booth at our local farmer's market during growing season. My part of the business is making pie fillings and preserves. I was making 30+ mini pies a week, but it got too time consuming.....what am I a chef or an artist? Lol
Happy Monday, and thanks also for sharing your lovely day with your friend!

Marilyn Rock said...

Happy Birthday Sally! Thanks for sharing, Elizabeth, what fun, great gifts and smiles! xxoo

Diane said...

What a great day for you two!! (food looks delicious too :) I'm off to visit Heather's blog now.

Debby said...

Looks like such a sweet birthday to remember, you are a dear.

Halle said...

Looks like another wonderful day with a friend. Thanks for pointing us to Heather's site. It's so beautiful.

Terri Kahrs said...

You've given the BEST Birthday present to your friend, Sally . . . . the gift of YOU and fun, laughter and MANY happy memories! Happy, Happy Birthday to Sally! Hugs, Terri xoxo

PS Thanks for sharing the party with us, Elizabeth!

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

Happy Birthday to Sally, you are a nice friend to help make her Queen for the Day! Thank you for the kind mention, I always mean to use my sewing machine more.
Off to check out the link.
Happy Monday!

Heather Cameron said...

Thanks for the very nice comments about my blog - a day in the country. The blogging world is such a wonderful place to be.
Looks like Sally had a wonderful day!

Marlynn said...

And a fine happy birthday to Sally! When I make it to 65 - won't be too long - two years - I too want to have a grand day like hers. You are a wondderful friend! hugs!

Meadowlark Days said...

You are too sweet - thank you for letting me know that you plan to feature my blog tomorrow. And it sounds like you helped your friend celebrate her bday in a very sweet way as well!

Lyneen said...

Happy birthday Sally!!!! Looks like a fun time!

THanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway... Good LUck!

Gaby Bee said...

It looks like a wonderful birthday to remember! Happy belated birthday wishes to your friend Sally! Thanks for sharing this day with us.