Saturday, January 30, 2010

House party at Seth's tomorrow

As if the OWOH blog hop hasn't robbed you of valuable sleep, Seth Apter at the Altered Page is having a house party tomorrow, and YOU are invited.

Now I realize I have a lot of new followers who may not be familiar with Seth, so allow me to introduce you to your party host. He is an amazing artist and organizes collaborations like the original DisCo (disintegration) and the Secret Sunday project.

For the last 10 weeks, Seth has posted secrets gleaned from artists, some of whom are top names in their field. I hate to drop names, but some you might know are Sally Turlington, Julie Prichard, JoAnna Pierotti, Ingrid Dijkers, Sarah Fishburn, Dave Dube, Kelly Kilmer, Lynne Hoppe, Cyn Richardson, Lisa Renner, Mary Hunt, and others. I feel honored to be among these gifted artists and that Seth chose to publish two of my secrets on different Sundays.

One of my secrets involved rust, which is something Seth loves dearly.

Tomorrow is YOUR day, too. Seth has opened the secrets to any and everyone. Here is Seth's personal invitation:
"Remember to come by Sunday for my open house to share and hear secrets. Tomorrow's edition of Secret Sunday will be written by YOU! Stop by and leave a comment sharing your most coveted art secret and stick around to read all the others."
That means YOU can check out all the previous secrets and the ones that will appear tomorrow. You might even have one or two of your own you want to share. I'm sure I'll have one or two that I'll even photograph and use for my Silent Sunday contribution right here on this blog.

While I'm at it, I'll share the answers to two questions posed by readers yesterday.

1. Where do I get freezer paper?
I'm sure I got mine at WalMart. I've never seen it at Sams. I get my deli paper at Sams, but not freezer paper. You should be able to find it close to the wax paper, parchment paper, and aluminum foil at most grocery stores.

2. How do I glue items to the two previous backgrounds I shared, since they are both slick? For the EP background, I used PVA glue on both sides. That's just a fancy acronym for plain old white glue, like Elmers. I glued the non-stick side to book pages using PVA, then added my image on top of the EP using PVA. I never had a bit of trouble.

For the freezer paper/Alcohol Ink (AI) background, I've used both PVA and glue stick on the dull side. Either will work equally well, depending on the substrate I'm adhering it to. For the AI side, I mostly use glue stick because the image is usually cut from a magazine.

If all else fails (which it hasn't yet), I'll get out my gel medium, which I hoard because it's the most expensive glue I own. Gel medium sticks to just about anything, except the front of wallpaper samples. There's also a glue called "The Ultimate," which some people call white super glue. It would hold Bleubeard to the ceiling if he'd sit still long enough for it to dry. If you own a Xyron, the adhesive works good, too. However, it would NOT hold Bleubeard to the ceiling.

Hope that answered both questions.

Since Seth is not a part of OWOH, I've chosen his blog, The Altered Page, for my pick of the day. Did I mention he's a fantastic artist and photographer? You'll spend a lot of time at his place both today and tomorrow when you share your art secret(s).

6 thoughtful remarks:

Terri Kahrs said...

Thanks for the invitation, Elizabeth! Hugs, Terri xoxo

Sherry said...

Thanks for answering my questions - I am constantly surprised at how generous some artists are. I'd love to see how the backgrounds look in your final product.
Thank you ~ Sherry

La Dolce Vita said...

yes, I get Freezer paper at the grocery..

Carol Anne's Boutique said...

Thanks for letting us know about Seth's open house. Looking forward to it!!
Have a great weekend!
Hugs, Carol Anne

Marlynn said...

Thanks, Elizabeth, for the info about the freezer and deli paper. I've never looked for deli paper but became familiar with freezer paper when I quilted more and did applique work. Great tips and thanks for the link to Seth's page and his invitation. hugs for you and strokes for Bleubeard.....

Seth said...

Thanks a million Elizabeth for spotlighting my blog here and for all your so very kind words. I am so happy you are getting the word out about my open house tomorrow. I am hoping for a crowd. See you there!