Saturday, November 7, 2009

My revised UHU clipboard

I've never made a secret of the fact that I sometimes get things wrong. So I decided to revamp my UHU clipboard. Although I finished covering it awhile ago, I wanted to show how I did it and what I turned it into.

To cover the clipboard, I used UHU STIC. I covered the entire piece using a piece of lovely paper gifted to me by Donna of Findings Art.

You can see I completely covered the clipboard, carefully cutting around the metal clip.

I decided to add a piece of rick rack using the UHU permanent glue roller. I began by measuring the rick rack by folding it around the clipboard, then cutting, leaving a tiny tail.

The idea is to place the glue roller onto the rick rack. Be sure to get good coverage and press well. This could take a few minutes. Don't glue too far ahead, and press firmly as you go.

I used a drop of Twist & Glue to adhere the edges of the rick rack together.

I held the completed piece together with the tail still intact using a clothes pin until it was dry. When the Twist & Glue was completely dry, I cut the excess rick rack away, making sure both ends of the rick rack lined up properly.

I decided to not add alcohol inks to the metal clipboard because I don't want added color to distract from the piece. It now hangs on my wall and has become a piece where I can display art.

Here it holds the piece I made and showed yesterday. It will now hold weekly art that I make for inspiration, or a prototype for a swap. What better way for an artist to use the clipboard than a design or display board?

If you live in the US or Canada and have an active blog, be sure to go to for your free Saunders clipboard and this month's sample: UHU Glue Stic. Tell them Bleubeard and Elizabeth sent you, then have fun decorating your own clipboard. When you've finished, be sure to send a link to your blog, so we can see how you used your clipboard.