Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Two more spreads in my Hands AB

As you are reading this, Dana and I are probably speeding to Kathy's for a We 3 Art play date. Dana and I are both pretty excited about the medium we will be playing with. It's new to all of us, so this should be a fun-filled productive day. I am taking about half my craft room, I think, so I should have plenty of supplies for the event. Hopefully I'll remember to take lots of photographs. And YES, I checked my battery level and am taking an extra set. I'll post our fun day on here tomorrow.

I created this simple spread from a magazine image I had been toying with for some time. I was not sure how I wanted to mount it, and finally just used a piece of the black paper scrap from the "Dream" page. Not sure I like this page, but I managed to use the image. At first I had planned to turn it into a pop-up, but decided it wasn't the look I was going for with this image.

I wanted something to go with the "Dream" spread on the right page, but didn't want anything too flashy, since the right side was covered with black paper. So I used the last of the black card stock I had left over from the right side side, along with part of a hand painted dictionary page, and a scrapbook paper scrap after I found this quote in my stash of hand images. Sometimes you just have to allow a spread to come together and this complimentary page was exactly (and finally) that.

Although both spreads are simple, they are good fillers for their companion pages.

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~*~Magpie's Nest said...

The hand holding magic cards makes me think of our two oldest sons, they Loved playing that game! Your hands book must be filling up nicely!!!