Monday, August 3, 2009

My art is all over the map

Or maybe I should say all over my craft room. I was planning to reveal a project I made for UHU glue today, but learned they don't want to show it till the end of the week. So I scrambled to make something for my blog today. Tomorrow will be even more hectic since I'll be hosting a National Night Out Block Party event. I'll take photos if I remember my camera.

Over the past few days, I've been working on a project I hope to complete today. I began by gessoing a piece of heavy card stock.

While it was drying, I sorted some of my fabric and ribbon so I could make some quiltlets I'm playing around with. I sorted according to "warm" red and "cool" red. Don't know if you can tell, since my camera doesn't pick up subtle colors all that well, but I strung a piece of warm red ribbon across the two stacks. It is much more obvious in real life. One tip when using red is to not mix warm and cool reds together if possible. Use a full spectrum light (Ott) if you have one to see the difference.

I found a clear container and placed everything inside.

Then I gathered several Christmas images and papers, did a bunch of stamping (yep, I stamped!) and put everything away for future use.

Next it was back to the gessoed card stock and a second layer of gesso on one of the two pieces, along with some Quin red fluid acrylic, which we all know by now turns pink when diluted with the gesso. This is just the underpainting, so the piece won't be pink when I am finished.

I also added some gesso and fluid acrylic to a piece of foam that Kathy gave me. It was trash to her, but looked really interesting to me.

Then I gessoed the backs of both pieces. When dry, they were pressed flat and ready for the next step in the artistic process. Hope to finish something one of these days, since I seem to be all over the map with my projects. Does this ever happen to you?

4 thoughtful remarks:

Miki Willa said...

Until I got started in the Artist Way group, I stuck to one creative media, pastel painting. Since then, I have added visual journaling, collage, book making, and quilting. I have many projects going now, and I am loving it. I really enjoy reading your blog every day because you share so many good ideas. Thanks.

Dianne said...

oh, if you only knew what a glorious mess of partial projects I have going...and realized that I have 3 months to complete a baby quilt for grandkid no. 2! so now in a mad scramble to cut quilt patches and get sewing! ...maybe they'll show up on my blog-- :)

Mar said...

are you serious!
i thought EVERYone worked this way!
you will get it i will get
it looks cool whatever it will be

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

yup, creative choas reigns supreme LOL! sure is fun trying to keep up with you :)