Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More monoprints

For this next batch of gelatin monoprints, I chose metallic glazes as seen above. From left: copper, silver, gold.

I began with a circle highlighting "Siam" from an old dictionary. I will use this in my 7 continents AB.

This piece didn't turn out well, partly because the mimosa leaves wilted nearly as soon as I clipped them. I used gold glaze on yellow and white checked cotton fabric.

This print is of the two leaves/stems I inked in the above print and placed back on the material. The gold glaze dried way too fast on the gelatin block, although it took forever to dry on the fabric.

Lovely leaves that reminded Dana of feathers when she saw them. This was a combination of gold and copper glazes.

A branch on a dictionary page. Although I didn't plan it at the time, I might use it in Dana's Nature AB.

Another of those lovely leaves that look like feathers.

Because the glazes I used on the project dried so quickly, I decided to return the gelatin block to its pan and go on to another project. This one is my shadowbox I started over a week ago. I cut some Christmas wrap, adhered it to the box, then dry brushed gesso over most of it.

Next I added those lovely leaves that still had some of the gold and copper paint on them. I'm not sure where I'm going with this box, but right now it is sitting and waiting for inspiration.

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