Saturday, August 8, 2009

Custard cups in my altered recipe book

I decided on another spread in my altered recipe book. All but one of the pages that were in the original book have been altered, so I'm now working with some that my friend Halle sent me to add to the book I received from her last Christmas.
The little custard cups and wooden spoons are from my friend Carol B in FL. When I saw them I went looking for something custardy to add to my book. They are very dimensional as is, and me adding some of that dimensional foam tape didn't help when it came to scanning the page.

Have you ever used a wooden spoon? Well I use one all the time and once you use one, it is no longer pristine. So I swiped the same Vintage Honey dye ink, which was the closest brown I had to the picture from the kitchen catalog, as I used on everything. The wooden spoons soaked up the ink, and they turned ugly. To tone the mess down a bit, I sanded the spoons and they looked used rather than painted.

I'm nearly finished with this book and that fills me with mixed emotions. I like that I have so many potential spreads that I could make, which would mean I could keep going and going, but I also like that the project is about complete and I can move on to something new.

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