Saturday, August 15, 2009

Barking (and meowing) for a bid

My cyber friend Ingrid Dijkers and nine other talented artists (Ann Linton, Christy Sobolewski, Cristal Marie Wooten, Leela Grace Perea, Linda East, Marion Bockelmann, Tricia Dijkers Kidd, Suzanne Cooke, and Kathy Parks) recently learned their "The Exquisite Corpse" A Collaborative has been featured in the September/ October 2009 issue of Somerset Studios. Although only a few of the pages are featured in Somerset, you can own a high quality color copy of the completed book as seen in its entirety here. Ingrid also explains about it in her blog article.

According to Ingrid:
"We now have 2 extra books that we would like to auction off. The 2 highest
bidders will be the winners. All proceeds will go to Bernie Berlin's "A Place to Bark", a private no-kill pet rescue. Bids will be taken until the end of September."
If you are not familiar with Bernie, she is a very talented collage artist who has devoted her time, energy (and a good deal of her own money), rescuing animals from being euthanized or tortured. She is passionate about this and most collage and altered artists know about her work in pet rescue and in altered art. Anyone who owns an animal should be grateful for Bernie and her deep commitment to pet rescues. Ingrid and the other authors could not have picked a better cause to support. Since I too am passionate about Bernie's work, that's why I'm also trying to get the word out about these two books.

If owning one of these incredible books created by some pretty awesome artists isn't enough to entice you, Bernie's Pet Rescue is a 501(c)(3), so all donations are tax deductible. See, you can't lose!!

To place a bid, you may e-mail Ingrid directly. Please be generous and bid often. From time to time, Ingrid will update the high bid on her blog, so check back to see if YOURS is still the high bid.
(All images used with written permission from Ingrid Dijkers).

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