Saturday, July 25, 2009

Turpentine papers update

Several days ago, July 13th to be exact, I made some more turpentine pages. They still smell, but I wanted to scan them anyway.

Although I wasn't too impressed with the end result as they sat on the table, I liked them better than the ones I made in May, 2008.

I can see this one popping up in a Christmas spread.

This one, too. I think this and the previous page are responsible for most of the black ink that migrated to the other pages.

This is one of my favorite pieces. I like how it came out, even though you can still make out the original image.

This one just didn't get enough smooshing (technical term, of course).

Now this page, at least the images on it, actually looks like I envisioned a completed turp image.

I guess this one's not too bad, but I still don't think the colors bled enough. However, if you click on the photo, you will see the subtle changes.

I have to admit. This one is my favorite. I tried to keep the "20" relatively intact. Not sure how I'll use it yet, but the time will be right one of these days. Hopefully, the smell will have dissipated by then.

I'm off to return these to the garage where they won't give me a headache.

5 thoughtful remarks:

Findings Art by Donna said...

Great Pages!!!! Especially like the smooshed ones with transparent images. Way cool... Guess I will have to learn turpentine pages.

Mar said...

i LOVE this technique..rarely do i turn to it...not because of the mess..i just forget about it
so many to choose from so little time!
your pages are excellent and i can't wait until you finish their destination!
i am inspired...darn it!

Kim said...

Now how interesting. Hre's a technique I haven't tried before. Would love to give it a go, just need to find the right peg for the old nose!

Seth said...

I like the look of these papers. Nice and distressed!

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

Great transformations of these pages E! I will be curious if the smell does go away completely. My sensitive nose gets in the way of fun sometimes!