Monday, July 6, 2009

See it, feel it: interactive pages in my Hand AB

Here is another two page spread for my AB. It's such a large book, I can't seem to center it properly on the scanner.

Just like cutting the photo off at the scanner, this magazine image had its thumb cut off. I simply lined it up to the page, which I had covered with tissue paper that I intentionally scrunched and smooshed (very technical terms) so there would be texture.

Another magazine image became a fun interactive spread when I found these two hands printed on acetate.

Rotating the hands (attached with eyelets) reveals the magazine image and provides a bit of humor and a lot of interaction between the viewer and the AB. This two page spread just came together with very little thought.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Laura Kay said...

I am grinning. What a clever spread. How lucky to find those hands.

Seth said...

I agree. Clever and playful! Perfect image to go under those hands.