Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nature prints on sheet music

Remember back a few days ago when I thought I was taking this book back to Kathy? Well, I finally had time to make one nature print yesterday. Why you ask did it take so long? The instructions were to cut a leaf, herb, etc., for printing, then press it like you would normally press any flower, leaf, etc., EXCEPT you only leave it in the press for between one to three hours, depending on the amount of moisture in your plant product. I've cut some leaves and flowers on days in the past, placed them in my press, then gotten so busy, the time simply slipped away.

Yesterday when I was watering, I pulled a weed from my front garden and pressed it, then after a couple of hours, did a very simple nature printing of acrylic paint on the back or veined part of the leaves. Some turned out great, others so-so. The author said it might take a long time to achieve the look you want, so (and since I'm not a rubber stamper, either) I was pretty happy with the technique.

This shows side one of the sheet music I used. The grey on all these pages is from the pieces not being flat on my scanner bed, not from the paper.

This is the middle portion. I accidentally tore the paper getting it out of the music book.

This is the second side of the page. Although this was a simple technique, compared to some in the book, I'm glad I started at the beginning, instead of jumping into the hardest project in the book, like I normally do. I think this will be a fun long-term project once I get into it. In fact, I really want to try this same technique on fabric next.

But for now, I'm back to putting the touches on my second disintegration project that will be unveiled on August 1.