Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter bonnet ATCs

I made two of these ATCs last Friday while Sally was in PT, and gave them to two staff members at the PT facility. However, I had two more PT staff who I wanted to make them for, so was glad I could take photos of these. The ones I gave away were like the two on the right. The images were printed a couple of years ago, so I used some scraps. The left background is from a birthday card, the two on the right are from Cadbury Egg wrappers my friend Billie gave me the day we went to vote.

4 thoughtful remarks:

Kathy L said...

These are so cute. I collect cadbury wrappers too! I love how you incorporated them as a background. Great idea. I will have to make a few ATCS now!


Cindy McMath said...

Love the use of the wrappers!

Cindy :)

Dianne said...

so sweet, and great gift to the PT staff!

The Paper Artist said...

You are so thoughtful. I bet your friend was proud of you, too. Treating the staff that helps her was very thoughtful.