Wednesday, March 25, 2009

An untitled entry in my altered recipe book

Spent about an hour doing art and whipped up this collage which I couldn't think of a name or a title for. I used one of my favorite backgrounds that was made famous by Kelly Rae Roberts. I added a glass of glazed carrots, but all the recipe squares came from a book on apples. Originally I was going to stamp a pear onto the background, but saw this image and thought it would work AND I could get rid of another magazine image in the process.

If you think of a good title, please let me know.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Farrary said...

How about Circle Gets the Square?
Happy Wednesday,
Angela in NV

Dianne said...

I'm not good at clever titles, but...

"glazed words"
"apples & carrots"
"firmly packed"

I'm sure you can think of something better...they look yummy! great background...