Friday, March 13, 2009

My final basement update before the stuff returns

If you "know" me, you know I'm a planner. You also know I love to organize and preach "zones." To me, that's the only way to have an organized work space. While I'm waiting on my "stuff" to return (the latest update is that it won't get here till next Tuesday), I have been putting on paper what I want to go and where.

These are scribbles. They were really not to scale, only for my clarification. As you can see, My room is 14' wide X 13'6" long, then 12'6" on the "closet" side. I have moved my work bench to the west wall, and will place my three new bookcases (plastic five shelf) on the south wall. That way I can get more items on the bookcaes, since the ceiling is a foot and a half higher in that area.

I drew bookcases and numbered the shelves, then determined what I wanted to place on them. As you can see, I've already changed my mind a couple of times. Better to move stuff on paper than in reality. Again, things are set in zones.

And finally, this is my work bench, but it too has changed, since I can't get 6' boards anywhere. Not sure what I'll do about that, but I would love to have all my charms on a sturdy board where I can reach them.

Also, I promise this is the final update you will see of this room until the "stuff is in."
This is the wall you see as you enter the room. It will now house my three new shelves.

A picture of the wall and "cubby" where I can hide a few things I won't use but once a year or so.

The west wall with the new electrical outlets. This is where I plan to set up my workbench.

A good photo of the painted floor and new light. Can you tell I really love that new canister light?

Part of the north wall and the small door that hides the whole house shut off valve. I'll need to keep this area open.

The north wall will basically hold the same things as before.

The floor again, this time near the closet entrance. Yep, I'm really happy with the all white and bright room.

Finally, both doors. This area will also be much the same as before. Now it's hurry up and wait till Tuesday.

6 thoughtful remarks:

Mar said...

YAY!!! you are closing in on DONE!
everything is fresh and bright!

and will be so organized


yeah that doesn't last long around me!

but since you are the planner it might be longer lasting there

Anonymous said...

Elizabeth, you are so well organized. You are so right about moving words on paper rathter than moving the real thing.


Dianne said...

wow...congratulations on the new space. it looks fab...I bet it will be wonderful when you get it set up! and very cute magic flute atc. I need to find the magazines that you do! great image.

Christy said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every photo and the entire process of your repaired studio. And those drawings that you have done for organizing... all I can say is this "I am not alone" lol. I do the exact same thing, to ad-nauseam, with everything. It is so good to know I'm not the only artist who is like this! I'm about to relocate my studio from one area to antoher and your drawings are making me think hard about zones. :)

Linda Manning Findley said...

"E" it all looks super on paper sure hope it works out ..... you are so right about zones and organizing ... Linda F

Mary said...

Wow! Your room is looking awesome!