Friday, December 19, 2008

Days 4 and 5 of 12 Day Christmas Swap

It's been so cold, I've been avoiding opening my lovely Christmas gifts, but yesterday I opened Days 4 and 5. Here is Day 4's package.
Wow, I was SO impressed with this bird. JoAnn wrapped it in Christmas tissue which I can repurpose in my art, too. I have birds in my main floor bathroom, so this will fit perfectly in there all year round.
This is the lovely backside of the piece. Also, JoAnn sent a small art pin that you can see on the right. A twofer of fun and joy.
Day 5 was wrapped in scrapbook paper that has glittery holly. Wonderful beauties come in small packages.
And here is what's inside. It's a lovely sachet with handmade paper and was made by Patt in IL.

Now I'm off to open day 6 and actually be caught up.

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