Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Day 11 of the 12 Days of Christmas Swap

Today everyone was supposed to open my gifts. Here are all the fronts. I began with Altoid tins that I "cooked" in my chiminea, then colored with alcohol inks. Next, I dyed the ribbon which was originally white and added the Life game piece. I put my name on the back, added some baling wire, and attached the two wire ends using a plastic bingo chip.
Here is the closeup of one front.
The insides were all similar. I started with Yahtzee score sheets for the background on the left side, then added a poker chip. On the right, I used cards from a Crazy 8 game and two chess pieces. The sentiment carries over from the word "Life" on the front and reads: "It's not just a game.
I marked them for reference.
And showed where the spray sealer I used on them actually melted my table cover, which I also note is quite pristine and clean in these photos, unlike now.
Here are more of the individual pieces.
And the rest of them. This was the last time they were ever all together unwrapped. Now they have gone to their new homes and to be unwrapped today. Happy holidays, dear 12 Days swappers.

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