Thursday, December 18, 2008

Another laminate chip magnet

This is another "just in time" magnet, this one made for Kat's husband. I literally made this as Dana and I were driving to Kat's for her jewelry show. I didn't take my camera with me to Hutchinson, so snagged this photo from Kat's blog.

Then I arranged the other pieces, glued them to the laminate chip, and allowed them to dry. I smeared some glue around the key and the battery, so I took what I needed to clean the piece up while making the hour long drive to Hutchinson. As I was cleaning the excess E-6000 away using the pointed end of a bamboo skewer, I poked a hole in the laminate chip's protective covering that I didn't realize was there. Everything had to come off of the laminate chip, and I literally had to start over again while whizzing down the road at breakneck speed. I was worried that the E-6000 wouldn't set before we got there, but it did and all worked out well.

1 thoughtful remarks:

Mary said...

What an awesome magnet. Sorry to hear that you poked a hole in it and had to do it all over again.I'm glad that all went well for you.