Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rocking horses

I actually made these on Wednesday, but saved them until today since I wanted to concentrate on the tag yesterday. I consider this a "failed" experiment, but I'm not sure how to change the outcome.
I began with sandstone textured paint chips (keeping the Green is Universal theme going) and dry embossed the rocking horses. Next, I added rub-n-buff. That's where the problem started.

I didn't get good coverage with my finger, so I switched to a q-tip, which disintegrated when I ran it over the sandstone texture. Next I tried DTP and that made an even bigger mess. So, I tried the rub-n-buff again using a make-up sponge, but it tore due to the rough surface. I ended up applying it with my fingers, but I'm not real happy with the finished product. I tried two different rub-n-buff colors with each paint chip color. I made about 35 of them, all the sandstone chips I had. The reason I used the sandstone is because it doesn't have a name or number on the face of the chip.

2 thoughtful remarks:

Mary said...

I'm not sure what look you are going for since I do not use paint chips. :) But I can tell you that I absolutely love how they all came out especially the blue chip. Love that little rocking horse image.


Christy said...

If you can make a stencil that you can't paint over I would use spray paint (metallic if that is the look you were going for) on these. But of course you have to have a stencil (or make a duplicate of the one you have) that you are willing to get paint on.