Thursday, October 9, 2008

Baby wipe background technique

This is another quick and simple background technique that gives you a bonus.
Acrylic paint (color of your choice)
Baby wipes
Card stock (CS)
Plastic or craft sheet to protect your work surface
Place a small amount of acrylic paint on about 1/4 of the CS. Since acrylics dry quickly, you should only work on a small part of the page at a time.
Spread the paint using a wet baby wipe. Be sure to pick up all colors and spread evenly. Don't overwork the paint, or you'll end up with mud.
After you are pleased with the first area, add more paint to another area and continue spreading the paint with the same baby wipe.
Continue adding and spreading the paint until the page is complete. When finished, you will have a background sheet as well as a coordinating color baby wipe you can use as an accent on your page or a matching tag.
Now wasn't that easy? And it produces great results quickly, too.

3 thoughtful remarks:

Sahar Ajami said...

love your blog
and I have learened a lot of thing from your blog.
thanks for this wonderful posts.


Lynda said...

Great to see this technique used with acrylics. I used it with alcohol inks and it worked great. Now to find a project to use them on.

Terry said...

How in the world did you think of this. Love it!