Thursday, June 12, 2008

Final set of Anniversary Circles

This will be the final set of circles I'm making for the Anniversary swap. I wanted to do a "favorites" all along, but other designs just started creeping into the circles and before I knew it, they had all gone in a totally different direction. If you are an artist, you understand. If you are not an artist, it is a strange concept to consider.

This is the front side of my "favorites" circles. Each definition is different. I picked the dictionary up at the "Everything's 99 cents" store last week. The other ephemera I brought with me on the plane. In fact, I cut the coupons and the dominoes in the Minneapolis airport.

I'm really NOT lazy. I figured since this was set number four, I could use the entire back for my information. I tried to add a bit of glitz using my Krylon pen. I actually liked how it turned out, but I think photo corners would have added that finished and perfect touch. Maybe for year six :>)

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