Saturday, April 7, 2018

It fits to a T

I wanted to create something quick and recycled for my friend Theresa who came to visit from TN (ie: Tennessee, a state in the southeastern U.S.). 

I found these letters in a dumpster several years ago.  They are hard plastic and used to create signs people place outside buildings.  I got permission to take them, and they sat hidden in my studio for several years.  I found them again as I was cleaning the studio after the recent broken pipes.   At first, I couldn't decide if I wanted to use the white or the black T,

but knew how much Theresa liked blue, so decided the white and blue/lavender flowers went better with the black T.  These flowers had originally been part of a graveside floral arrangement (as many of my flowers have been).

I decided hot glue was the best way to go, rather than E6000, which I originally chose as my glue of choice.

If you look closely, you can see I still hadn't gotten all the tiny stray strings from the hot glue off the piece when I took the photos.

Although I failed to get a photo of her when I gave Theresa the T, I think she was quite happy with it.

For Day 7 of 22, I recycled a plastic letter I found in a dumpster, and flowers that had previously been part of a graveside arrangement.  And because I have recycled everything except the glue, I am also joining Try it on Tuesday where their theme this fortnight is Recycle Something.

Of course, Theresa wanted to go shopping a few times while she was here.  I saw nothing I wanted at Michael's, but got hooked at Hobby Lobby

by their clearance aisle.  I was also thrilled that my friend Caterina Giglio, who makes fabulous art and awesome videos suggested I try Hobby Lobby for Plaster Cloth.  Theresa had an app on her phone with a 40% off coupon, so this was about $2.50 (USD).  You have no idea how happy this made me, after a few of us had been promised some of this plaster cloth when we were in a swap together one year, but the lady who offered to send us plaster cloth dropped out right after I made her swap items.   The elephant is a gift for my friend Kathy who is making an elephant book.

Each rubber stamp was purchased with a specific project in mind.  This will be part of my 7 Continents spreads,

while these will be used in collages.  My friend Patty from Magpie's Nest has encouraged using a part of a rubber stamp, and I see lots of ways I can use this TH stamp for times other than Valentine's Day. 

Thank you so much for joining me today.  I am so very grateful you are following me on this countdown to bEARTHday.

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Valerie-Jael said...

Another fabulous creation, I am sure your friend was delighted. Have fun with your new stamps and other items, Valerie

froebelsternchen said...

Tennessee ... specially Memphis, Tennessee is the most populare State for me since ever, as my best girlfriend at school was a big Elvis Fan and collected all about him and so I was trained about Elvis more than I was interested And the Chuck Berry song! We have no E6000 here - I glue heavy things also with hot glue or even with texture paste, but hot glue is better since it dries so quick.But plaster cloth I get so easy and cheap at the school/office supermarket -- I am sorry - if I only had known I had sent a roll or two to you in the package...
Teresa seems to be a winsome lady - love the colour of her hair and I bet she loves your fabulous T-gift! Great found and great recycling my dear Co.-Admin!
Great to see yet another fab entry linked to Try It On Tuesday!Thanks bunches!
I have garden work and to clean our little ancient frontside building ( all the old little glasses of the many windows in it --- arghhh ) to use it as a greenhouse and crafting area now as it is warmer again.There is no heating in and it's made out of wood and glass so it warms up very quick on warmer days...
we will renovate the whole thing, but just during the next years - it costs too much money for now.
Happy weekend dear E.!
Good luck with the key board!
oxo Susi

CJ Kennedy said...

T stands for Terrific! And what a fabulous score you made on your art supplies. Have fun!

Nancy said...

Nice dumpster rescue- and you turned it into a T is for treasure! And great buys at Hobby Lobby. I love that store. Plaster cloth? I'll have to learn more about it.

Meggymay said...

I'm sure your friend will have loved this fantastic project, it was a treasure to find in a dump bin.
The store you visited also sounds a good destination, you have some super bargains , those stamps were so in expensive, they would cost pounds[£] here in the UK.
Thank you for sharing again at TioT's we really appreciate the support you give us.
Yvonne xx

My name is Erika. said...

I see you found some of those Hobby Lobby deals too. Hurray! I almost bought that USA stamp one time I was in there, but then I didn't and they sold out.I bet anyone who likes stamps or supplies would get very excited about those prices. At least i did. :) You gathered a nice collection and you found some great things. Your friend looks like a creative lady too. Love her hair color. She looks ready for spring. And lastly you made a great recycle project. The flowers looks great on the T and it is really cool. :) Hope its a great Saturday. Hugs-Erika

Divers and Sundry said...

Tell your Tennessee friend I'm waving wildly at her from Memphis! Sounds like y'all had great fun :)

Sandra Cox said...

What a great gift idea! I loved the flowers you used.
And good job on the art supplies!
YOU, have a wondrous weekend.

Helen said...

glad you enjoyed the review of the craft show... I always write them on my craft blog as that is what they are about... the photos blog is just for non crafty posts! not sure about crafting tomorrow/the rest of the weekend, I'm shattered! we'll see!

aussie aNNie said...

"T" is gorgeous and "T" looks happy too...great stamps...xx💖 [Aussie aNNie's Blog]

Incipient Wings said...

awesome goodies you found and I love what you did with your found treasures. I bet she loved her "T"
what are you making with that cloth?

Sharon Fritchman said...

I hope you are having a blast with all of your new purchases, Elizabeth! And I truly love the altered "T" and I am sure your friend loves it, too. It's obviously made with TLC!!!!!

pearshapedcrafting said...

I imagine that Theresa was thrilled with your gift!Such a lovely personal touch! Love seeing your bargains.....and looking forward to seeing what you use them for! Thank you for another wonderful entry for Try It On Tuesday! Hugs, Chrisx

Rike said...

I think Theresa was quite happy with this originally T!
Your shopping results are amazing!
I laughed about your sentence: "I have recycled everything except the glue" - you really have the right sense of humour!
I am curious how you will use the buyed things in the next time, especially the plaster cloth.
Rike xx

Cindy McMath said...

Again a lovely use of recycled objects. This topic is tailor made for you! And I can’t believe the bargains you got! I don’t think we have Hobby Lobby in Canada - if we do they are not where I live.

Cindy McMath said...

PS - I don’t know what you are going to do with the plaster cloth but looking forward to seeing it!

Jeanie said...

What a fun gift! And a very thoughtful one. I'm not sure who benefits most from your gifts -- the recipient or the one who has fun creating, visualizing and actualizing a wonderful project!