Wednesday, March 1, 2017

February complete and March ready in my never ending calendar

I hope to have my scanner going before I have to scan March's completed calendar page.  But for now, please realize no matter where I try to photograph these pages, I get horrible wash out due to the glare created by my Ott light,

February was all about Valentine's Day, spending time with my friend Kathy, and watching the NBA All-Star Weekend.

That didn't help much, did it?

At least you can see March is ready to be written in.

Thanks for visiting, because this is the only place you will see my feeble attempts to document what goes on daily in my life.

14 thoughtful remarks:

sheila 77 said...
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sheila 77 said...

Sorry Elizabeth, just saw several typos as I pressed publish, always the way.
I hope this post indicates that you are feeling much better.
I always enjoy your ever-so-complimentary comments on my blog, they give me happy cheer.
Your calender inspires me to log what is happening in RL as there is always so much that then gets forgotten later.

Valerie-Jael said...

Looks like you did a lot more than I did last month! Have a great March, hope you are feeling well, hugs, Valerie

chrissie said...

Another busy month by the looks of it and a great new page for March

Hope you are getting well again Elizabeth

Love Chrissie X

Pen Sunshinepen said...

Goodness what a busy lady, sorry to have missed you over the last few weeks, time has just flown past for me.

Have a great day x

CJ Kennedy said...

Fun calendar except the days marked where you didn't feel well. And what do you meant on Super Bowl Sunday, great game until it wasn't? (-; It was an awesome game.

Rabbit, rabbit. White rabbit for the start of March. Here's to hoping you're feeling better.

froebelsternchen Susi said...

You had much on your agenda Elizabeth!
Hope you feel much better meanwhile!
Take care of you and don't mind visiting me ...
I know that sometimes it is quite hard to make time for all friends to visit!
oxo Susi

Meggymay said...

February seems to have been a full and busy month for you Elizabeth.
I do hope you a feeling much better today.
Yvonne xx

My name is Erika. said...

I always love your calendars Elizabeth. I like all the sport themed days this past month. Do you follow March madness at all? I am excited for the new month for sure. Hope it is a good one for all of us and I especially hope you are starting to recover. Hugs-Erika

Halle said...

I still love that you are keeping up with this. Do you ever pull out an old year and marvel at all the things you've done!?! If really should!

Rita said...

All set for another month! I hope you keep these to be able to look back and see what was going on years from now. :)

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh Elizabeth! Once again you have added those little touches that make your calendar special! It looks as though you already had the 'bug' before you went to the shorts so hope you feel better soon! Folk around here have had a bug that is hard to shake off so do your best to send it away! Hugs, Chrisx

Jeanie said...

Your calendars are always amazing and I feel like such a slacker when I look at them! Bravo!

Kelly said...

I love seeing your calendar pages! As to the camera/ lighting. I don't know what kind of camera you have but in your settings for flash or picture mode, there may be a setting for Night (with and without flash) I use the Night without flash. This setting makes use of the natural light so you don't necessarily need a lamp on your photo. Hope this helps. Creative Blessings! Kelly