Monday, February 27, 2017

T Stands For Walts Klassics

I saw this diner that looks like an old railroad car one day as Sally and I were on the far west side of town.

Granted, I'm not a burger person,

but the idea of visiting this place overtook my curiosity.

I actually didn't realize it was a burger (and what looks like root beer) place until I got out to take photos.

I backed up even further to get the entire train car into the photo and nearly froze my hands off when the wind cut through me like a knife.

It looks like it had been there awhile and the strip mall was built up around it.

Another 50s diner, in a diner car.  I applaud their originality.  And I like that shake/malt machine, too.

This is one end of the car,

and this is the other end.  I absolutely LOVE those lamps.  To me they look Art Deco, but I could be wrong.  They don't look 50s to me, not that I would know what 50s lamps look like.  When I think of the 50s, I think of the Jetsons and the futuristic atomic inspired art.

Their menu is mostly BURGERS and sandwiches.  Sally and I opted for fish and fries dinner, full well knowing everything would probably be deep-fat fried.

Sorry, no lemons for the water.  If we wanted lemons, we would need to buy lemonade.

We were told to place the guest receipt at the end of the table so the server could find us easily.  Since there were only two women working and both had been there when I went to the counter to place the order, I sort of laughed.  Of course, I followed directions, anyway.

While we waited for the deep fryer to spit out our fish and fries (chips if you are in Europe), I took a few photos of the art on the walls.

Some of these may not mean much to those who live in countries other than the U.S.

The waitress was faster than my camera in this photo, but I kept it to show we weren't the only ones waiting for food.

There was lots of memorabilia on the walls, some of which I understood (like the cars and gold record)

and some of which I had no idea what they were.

Even at this bad angle and under glass, I could tell this was President Kennedy and his wife, Jackie.

I could tell the owner

definitely had a "thing" for cars.

By now, our grease laden deep fried fish and fries (chips) had arrived.  It's a good thing I'd shown our water (sans lemon) earlier, or this visit would have been a bust!

Edit:  This post has been scheduled for several weeks.  I apologize I'm still so very sick.  I'll be by to visit when I feel better.   I checked and Mr. Linky seems to be acting right this week.  No problems like we encountered last week.

Now it's time to share your drink related post this week.  It can be photos, a place you visited, movies, postcards, books, sketches, mixed media, drawings, paintings, tags, scrapbooking, or other art that is digital, hybrid, or traditional, as long as it in some way relates back to a drink, any drink.  Regardless, please share below and Bleubeard and I, along with the rest of the T gang will be by to visit.  Old photos are acceptable because they may be taken at any time, and don't even have to be taken this year!

Since this is the final Tuesday in February, it's time to dig up your Second on the 2nd.  It can be any post, any genre, anything your heart desires, as long as it's a post you have shared sometime in the past.  I look forward to seeing what you come up with for March's Second on the 2nd.


  1. Looks like a very interesting place to visit, and I hope the food tasted good. Hope you soon feel better, look after yourself! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Get well soon Elizabeth! What a COOL place to visit! Super! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Oh, I do hope you are feeling better soon! What a fantastic Diner, the decor is fab and it looks so sparkly clean on your photos too. I love chocolate malts so this would be the perfect place for me to visit :-). Get well soon and Happy T Day! J :-)

  4. now that´s a fantastic diner!! but i´m really worried about your health, that does not Sound good... i hope you will recover soon, take care of yourself!!
    best wishes, johanna

  5. Oh no so sorry you ended up really sick-I love your post and all the photos, I have seen diners like this on tv but not up close and personal-thanks for taking us along--be well-hugs Kathy

  6. Oh dear, Elizabeth. I hope you're getting help on the medical front and will soon be bright, perky and feeling fine.

    Oops, you're younger than you think. The 1st Jetson episode aired in 1962. Take it from one who knows. Those hanging lamps were everywhere in the 40s and 50s. I think I've also seen them in earlier films. So you might be right that they're art deco era.

    And your "no lemons for the water" reference called to mind films about the Great Depression. It seems restaurants DID give lemons for the cold water, as well as Catsup for the hot. Free lemonade and tomato soup.

    I'm not a burger person either, but I love retro diners! What great memorabilia you've shared today.

    Feel better soon ;-(

  7. That diner is very cool and a bit of a time capsule with all of the memorabilia. The outside is really classic. Back when I was a kid we would drive from Maryland to New Jersey to visit relatives and we would always see those kinds of chrome diners. Now we have them down this way too.
    When I eat deep fried food I like to think it helps put shine in my hair. Hope that made you smile.
    Sorry you are under the weather.
    Take good care dear E and feel better soon!
    Happy last T Day of February

  8. This looks YUMMY. We call them fish and chips in New England too. Love splurging and having it sometimes. And I am fan of diners. This one looks really cool. I wonder if it is old or a reproduction of one, but like you, I would have gone in to check it out. Hope all is well and not too cold there. (Not sure if this New Mexico weather has made it that far east yet). Hugs-Erika

  9. I hope you are feeling better too. Meant to say that before and thought I did but guess I didn't :) Take care of yourself.

  10. I'm sorry you are still ill. I do hope you get better soon. If it's anything like thatbug I had recently, you'll be back on your feet soon enough but it takes ages (as in more than a week) to feel your old self again. I hope your 'bug' was different and that you recover soon.
    That diner looks really nice from the outside, and also inside. The wall memorabilia is fun to look at. A gold disk of Jerry Lee Lewis! Wow! Do you reckon that was real?
    Like you, I wouldn't care much for the deep fried food though. Fish & chips are great but these ones looked a bit greasy I agree.
    Well, get well soon,
    Happy T-Day,

  11. What a fascinating place - great memorabilia - the place we went to had lots of posters - I was only able to look at some as the place was quite busy! Hope you feel better soon! Hugs, Chrisx

  12. SO sorry to hear you have been ill. I do hope you are feeling better and will be 100% real soon. Thanks so much for this diner visit. Loving all the nostalgic mementos about, along with so many memories of a bygone era. Happy T day!

  13. Hope you are feeling better soon. Looked like a fun place to visit! Very retro, indeed. :)

  14. 1950s and cars go together like burger joints in railcars. Very cool place. I love hamburgers. I visited one in Maine with my friend, Teague. I think that diner even had the same pattern on the Formica table. Jetsons was not 1950 but 1960s. We have robots, though not quite like Rosey, and microwaves like Jane cooked in, but by now, we should have had flying cars and cars that folded up into a briefcase to save on parking. Felt very nostalgic looking at the wall memorabilia. I can still remember the Texaco jingle: You can trust your car to the man who wears the star. The big, bright, Texaco star! And my brother had a set of Lionel trains. He teased me once too often, and I stepped on and crushed one of the boxcars with my foot. Would have been worth a small fortune by now.

    Hope you feel better soon and the kitties are giving your lots of love and cuddles.

  15. Amazing place, my friend!US is a lovely place. So many things to see!Happy Carnival!

  16. I Love those vintage looking burger places, but I am always disappointed in the food. Here, they are WAY OVER priced and the food is just so-so.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon. Just some very nasty stuff going around this year.

    Happy T-day

  17. Hope you get better soon, you should take a trip to the Dr if you haven't already. The fish and chips/fries (it's ok we know what you mean by fries) look fab, hope they tasted great. Love the look of the diner, it is certainly sparkling clean.

  18. Hope you soon feel a lot better Elizabeth.

    Love the diner and there used to be one near York that we went to when we were staying there. Not sure if it is still there as we haven't been that way for years.

    Happy T Day

    With love from Chrissie xx

  19. Hope you will be feeling better soon Elizabeth, take care and look after yourself.
    The Diner looks a good place to stop to eat. All that shining chrome on the building must glow in the sunshine. The photos of inside were great, I do love seeing whats on the walls, so interesting while waiting to be served the meal.
    The restaurants on our area of the UK tend to be a bit bare, probably easier to keep clean.
    Happy T Day
    Yvonne xx

  20. So sorry to hear you are still so sick. What are we going to do with you Elizabeth?
    Loved the diner, think I would have had to go in it too - so appealing and the prefect place for a blogfest of photos.
    thanks for sharing, but hurry and get well my lovely.
    Hugs, to Squiggles, Bleubeard and gentle ones to you my friend.
    Neet xxx

  21. What a fun looking place.Hope you are feeling better soon!

  22. So fun, love places like this! It actually looks a lot like a 1950's themed diner I visited in Sweden! I should look up some photo's on my flickr and link you to them. I do hope you are feeling better, though! Best, Cheetarah

  23. Cute as can be! I think a place like that would do well here in Memphis :)

    I hope you're feeling better soon. Being puny is bad enough but so much worse when the sickness drags out :(

  24. Those light DO look out of place Elizabeth... but i'm not sure if its because you mentioned it or they really ... My favorite way to eat fish is LongJohnSilvers... I think their breading and everything is just perfect... Did you enjoy your fish and fries??

    Love seeing all the memorabilia ... I like a place like that with 'stuff' all over the walls.. always something to look at.. Happy happy T day!! Hugs! deb

  25. Bleu & Squig.....tell yur mom ta wrap a perch round her head; her will feel grate; smell dee vine; look stylish...and haza handee snax cloze bye !!! thanx two her for sharin theeze fotoz....they bee awesum....hope her getz ta feelin better soon ~~~~~ ☺☺☺♥♥♥

  26. Sorry to hear you are still sick! Managed to blog from my phone and hope it works OK. Love the diner decor and restaurant you've shared. I've never tried one! Feel better soon!

  27. I just love a classic diner and this one looks terrific. What a fun time!

  28. I am so late and getting around to visit folks :( That diner looks great. Reminds me of the ones on Long Island . Sorry to hear you are feeling sick and hope that you recover quickly. There seems to be a lot of that going around lately :(

  29. In answer to your comment this am my 80's style "house" was a canister with a cool roof lid. That broke some years ago and I didn't have the heart to get rid of the bottom. It served as a dishrag holder in our old kitchen and when we remodeled I decided it would make a nice plant holder.
    It would be fun to see yours.
    The house part without the lid of mine measures 7" tall.
    Thank you for visiting my Magpie's Nest and leaving such a nice comment.
    Hope you are feeling much better.
    Happy March oxo

  30. The singing lady in the middle is Susan Hayward in the Movie "With a song in my heart", where she was acting as singer "Jane Froman", who had in real life much problems with alcohol.
    I know this movie, because Susan Hayward is a favourite actress of mine since my childhood!
    Hope, you are feeling better, and thanks for your comment at my red cat!
    Wish you a nice weekend, Rike


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