Thursday, December 1, 2016

November complete and December ready in my never ending calendar

November, 2016 is in the books and is history.

November was all about patriotism and Art Every Day Month.  Feel free to enlarge to read the minutia.

I have enough pages left in this journal I purchased for one more year.  I still need to buy a calendar to use on the pages, since I have gone to a very simple calendar form.  I just can't see spending all that time trying to create pages for my calendar when it never looks as lovely as those of some of my friends.  So, one more year, then I'll decide if I want to continue after that.

But for now, December, 2016 is ready to be filled in.  Because I'm color driven, you don't have to tell me how much the "red" cups that look pink in the scan, clash with the red of the calendar background.

And because my calendars are so wimpy, I thought you might like to see a few decorations as I start decorating my home for Christmas.

I got this idea from Divers and Sundry, who last year placed a softie tree on her floor.  I thought it would be safe

especially since Bleubeard refuses to be around this carpet sample, which was supposed to be a scratching "post."  

This year, as with last, I have placed my other, very well made softie, a gift from a very dear lady years ago, 

atop my Grandmother's treadle sewing machine.

Imagine my surprise when I caught Squiggles

sleeping here that same night.  The next day, the tree had been knocked over and moved.  So much for that idea!

Thanks for joining me today.  I'm really quite grateful.  Don't forget your Second on the 2nd post.  If you've never participated, dig up an old post you are proud of and post it tomorrow.

13 thoughtful remarks:

Valerie-Jael said...

Well, Squiggles seems to love the new decorations. Your calendar will surely be well filled again, last month is really one to be put away somewhere as far as I am concerned - a political upheaval! Hope this month will be kind to you. By the way, that lamp is Art Nouveau from Gallé. Hugs, Valerie

chrissie said...

I am laughing at Squiggles under the tree and looking so innocent :)

Love the stuffed tree--must have a go at one of those for sure. Thank you for sharing your decorations so far. We got ours from the loft but not looked inside the bags yet to see what they hold. I always forget what we have in them every year even though it is almost the same every time.

Love Chrissie xx

My name is Erika. said...

I fun to see your calendar and all the arty projects you did last month. And its also fun to see your decorations-which of course included rocking horses. :) I'm still working on my decorating too. Its fun to put up, but its been so rainy and dark here that I get home from work and my ambition is all gone. I'm hoping today the hubby (who is antsy and bored resting at home) might put the lights on the tree during the day because I don't think that would be too much for him. Then maybe tonight the daughter and I can finish it off. And it was great seeing Squiggles. That tree must have been an interesting toy. :) Hugs-Erika

Sandra Cox said...

Squiggles probably thought that was her Christmas tree:)

Sandra Cox said...

PS Love the Teacup Tuesdays:)

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Squiggles is a prince charming who loves this lovely tree I guess - I love this tree..loooks super! Great decorations !

My daughter started decorating the house yesterday - she gives her very best -wow .. I am already terrified of the thought of having to remove all this stuff in January ! You do very well with your calendar! I envy everybody who does these complete documentations of life - I always just note my dates and some birthdays.
Happy Thursday Mrs.Decoration - Queen Elizabeth!

CJ Kennedy said...

My calendar pages never look as creative as others I've seen. And because there isn't enough room in the dollhouse to store things, I use a whiteboard calender for a weekly to do. Wabi sabi: Nothing is permanent, nothing is complete, nothing is perfect.

Squiggles looks quite comfy and your room looks very inviting. Especially the gumball machine.

Krisha said...

Gosh! It feels like I've been gone forever instead of almost two weeks! This has been one of those insane weeks, and I'm just now getting a "free" day.

I like the simplicity of your calendar.....leaves more room to write...and more time to make "other" art...LOL!

All I have done is "think" about Christmas decorations......maybe today I'll get the tree up.....but I did get a chance to make some Christmas cards while on our Thanksgiving trip......just no time to post them.

I love the soft trees and remember when everyone had one and one of the little ceramic trees. I still have a ceramic one, but the soft one fell apart years ago. Squiggles seems to be enjoying the spot that Bluebeard refuses to use......LOL! Pets act just like children.

Thanks for the reminder to post tomorrow for the second look. I'll work on that as soon as I get my granddaughter's birthday card made for this weekend's party......and before I start decorating....haha!

My DH would love to have that gumball machine!

Divers and Sundry said...

Thx for the hat tip :) Mine is on the floor again, but my only pets are caged birds. I'm glad your kitty is getting into the spirit of things. ;)

Those cups on your otherwise blank December calendar give me a warm feeling. Sweet :)

Meggymay said...

Squiggles made me smile, its just like out furry friends to do the unexpected.
Your house is looking very festive, I looked closely to get a glimpse of your rocking horses.
It will be a few more days till I start decorating here.
Seeing your calendars made me think how forgetful I am to mark mine daily. Ours only seems to be filled with appointments and things that need to be done on a particular day.
Yvonne xx

Jeanie said...

I love the tree on the sewing machine.Maybe it's worth another try, once she found it didn't have much to offer after the initial tipping! It's awfully cute.

Love the rocking horses!

Rita said...

New calendar time already.
This is why I have a tiny tree up high where Miss Karma can't get at it--LOL!
Cats! Gotta love 'em. :)

pearshapedcrafting said...

I read your comment on mine with a little dismay as I really love how your calendars always have appropriate images added! It wouldn't do if we were all the same…and I certainly don't 'rock ' mixed media in the way you do - too much of a scaredy cat! Talking of which, love how you have decorated even though Squiggles has forced you into a rethink!! I do hope you continue with your calendar - I am just sooo nosy and love to see what you have been up to!! Hugs, Chrisx