Friday, June 26, 2015

ICADs week of June 20-26

I began this week's ICADs with a one staple creation.  The crown was punched from a leftover label I colored using acrylic paint.  I colored a piece of old printer paper tear-off that was originally supposed to be run through a daisy wheel printer.  Does anyone even remember those?  I barely do!  I started to write the date at the top, then asked myself why I didn't just include it as part of the lettering.  Of course, by that time, I had already messed up, but that's why ICs are so great.  We learn from our mistakes.  I swiped both the printer paper tear-off and the edge of the IC with royal blue pigment ink.

This is the card I made for Father's Day.  Or is it Fathers Day?  Or Fathers' Day?  I should check.  Regardless, I showed it on my blog on the 21st.  One staple held everything together.

The summer solstice might have been over by the 22nd, but I found many signs of summer.  My dear friend Sally gave me quite a few sheets of old address labels, so I found several sets that had summery images and added them after I sewed the word "Summer" (found in my junk mail) to the IC.

I cannot tell a lie.  Both June 23rd and June 24th ICs were sewn on the same day.  I had all these little scraps that my friend Kerry sent me as part of my WOYWW PIF surprise, and I got started and didn't want to quit for fear I'd never find all the pieces.  I still have all the beads and many more sequins, but at least, I made a HUGE dent in the little scraps she sent me.  I call this one "In a row," because I thought of that as I was sewing them to the IC.

I tried to mix my sewing up a bit on this IC.  I was also less interested in keeping the pieces stacked in order.  For that reason, I decided to name this one "Mosaic."  I spent over three hours on these two cards.  About the last line or so, I finally figured out how to get the scraps in place without them twisting, turning, or moving out of the path of the needle and thread.

I considered turning the car into a mask, then thought better of it, since it would look like a three car pile-up if I did.  Instead, I used one of my handmade stamps (made from a pink rubber eraser and cut into a diamond shape using a paring knife) for the road, then added the car.  The wording is not very original, but I was NOT about to write "Enjoy the journey," because many mixed media artists know whose favorite saying that is.

This was one of those ICs that sounded better in my head than it looked on paper.   But, I had no time to go back and redo it, because I needed to get these uploaded.  I have many, many projects in the works, and several of them involve things like possibly changing insurance companies, and other legal matters.  So for now, I'm off, even though I'd rather be visiting your blog and making art. 

Please remember, even though I'm doing the ICAD challenge, I am not following any prompts.  Instead, I am using staples, sewing, spray mists (paint, ink, etc), and stamping on scraps.

Thanks again for looking and leaving such wonderful comments about these little gems.

8 thoughtful remarks:

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Fantastic ICADS - love the ones with the sewn mini pieces...lovely!
Happy weekend Elizabeth!

Jo Murray said...

ICADs are such a great idea...and yours are fab.

TwinkleToes2day said...

More fabulous inspiration on your post today Elizabeth. I really like the sewn ones with the mini pieces; they're just so pretty. Have a wonderful weekend :o))

Valerie said...

Nice ICADs! I especially love your 'in the row' and 'mosaic': so full of color and playful :-)

voodoo vixen said...

Another batch of lovely index cards E!! I like the mosaic one... the colours are wonderful and I like that it is free flowing than the previous one.

johanna said...

i like your Approach to the challenge very much. i think the ones with the inchies are my faves. and of course i remember those wheel papers. they are good for stippling Little dots in a row, like a stencil!

~*~Patty S said...

It really is fun seeing your fine array of ICADs make me want to make some.
But I am trying in between just a little bit of playing to keep my nose to the grindstone...deary me what a job!
Happy Sunday to ya.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh! Now I'm smiling! Love, love loVe - these! You have such wonderful ideas Elizabeth! Chris