Saturday, May 9, 2015

Journal 52, Week 19: Outside In

For Week 19 at Journal 52 we are supposed to take our art outside.  My back patio is not covered, so I had to take my art to the front porch because it's been raining, thundering, and hailing for three days.  Today, is the same with tornadoes predicted.  Some of you may even have seen the destruction close (about 20 miles) to me from Wednesday's round of tornadoes that hit the midwest. 

Needless to say, I don't plan to be anywhere near lightening or tornadoes when the sirens blow again, so I knew I had to plan ahead.

Scissors, ink pens, glue stick, paint chip samples, and handmade and commercial washi tapes came to the front porch, along with a used file folder I had colored in the past when I had excess craft paint on my palette. 

My biggest question was which side of the file folder I would use as the background.  I knew I had to work quickly, because the clouds overhead were ominous.

I give you "The view from my front porch."  And it's far more colorful than the actual view of my neighborhood from my porch.

A few step-out photos

show how I attempted to infuse color,


and pattern to my view.  Note, too, the house numbers refer to the week number.

I admit this is not my favorite J52 entry, but this was also not my favorite prompt.  Had it been any other week, I might not have been so nervous and anxious to get inside.

Thank you so much for your visit, as I head to my basement studio!

13 thoughtful remarks:

froebelsternchen Susi said...

Gorgeous collage Elizabeth!

Julia Dunnit said...

I've been reading Okie Nurse's Facebook posts about storms and tornadoes..., golf ball sized hail..very scarey, am very glad that you kept an ice on those clouds! I like the idea for your Journal page, a collage of what you see from your porch, how cool!

massofhair said...

Take care in the storms Elizabeth! Glad you got inside before they might have arrived.

Glorious pages, so much wonderful colour :-) xxx

sheila 77 said...

I always enjoy your low-tech way of creating and this is also fun because you "had to" make it outside.
I like your houses and the bicycles parked outside.
Good luck with the weather, we are having lots of rain which the garden likes.

Aiyana Kalyna said...

This is dedication to art. I thought my going to Hobby Lobby with a large wall cloud surrounding the store was dedication to art. :) I love the piece. I really love your porch furniture! Please Stay safe. I have a lot of family in Wichita and Emporia. I worry about you all out there. It's my turn for tornadoes tonight when your front moves into my area.

TwinkleToes2day said...

I really like your paper view of the street and I did think 'what a lot of number 19's there are' haha, Tut!
Take care, stay safe and keep on crafting {{Hugs}}

see you there! said...

I think your street view is great, like the use of the paint chips.


Nancy said...

Creative response to the prompt with your street view. Love the bikes!

Divers and Sundry said...

I like your neighborhood art piece.

Stay safe from those tornadoes!

Halle said...

Yikes on the storms!! I like your houses. And the mid-century modern ashtray. :) You know me...I love mid-century modern!

johanna said...

i like your houses and especially that each one has a bike at the door. very ecofriendly People living there:)

pearshapedcrafting said...

Your view is brilliant Elizabeth! I don't envy you with those storms - glad you went inside before you got blown away! Chrisx

~*~Patty S said...

Your houses look great and your file folders are always fun and different.
I was hoping that you were safe from the bad storms.
It can't be fun to have destruction so close or to hear sirens blasting...altho thank goodness for early warning when possible.