Friday, December 5, 2014

Small Business Saturday (part 3)

I had planned this for tomorrow, but I have had so many, many errands to run today (Friday in my world), I decided to save my Journal 52 prompt for Saturday.  So here is the final installment of Small Business Saturday. 

After we left the Delano District, my friend Sally and I drove north toward the center of town, where we stopped

for a late afternoon lunch at a local, non-chain restaurant.  Sally knew the owners, had tested their children who also work here, and wanted to finish our day at Saigon.  Note the moon has already risen in the eastern sky by this time.  BTW, in case you were wondering, my friend Sally has a Master's Degree in Education Psychology.  She formerly tested both gifted and troubled students and made recommendations to parents.

Truly authentic Thai food is all that is served here.

I was thrilled to see the Christmas spirit no matter what the nationality.

It was hard to get photos, since there were mirrors all around the room.

Sally was not looking at me, but at the football game that was on the TV screen (behind the Christmas tree).   Yes, that's me with camera in hand standing behind the flowers that were on one of the tables.

The waitress assured me I was getting vegetables, rice, and an egg roll, but when it came out, there was chicken on the plate.  I ate the egg roll, fried rice, and fresh veggies, but asked Sally if she wanted the chicken.  I was not about to take it home with me.  Seems Sally and I got the same thing, although she actually ordered chicken, which I had not.

I had already put most of what I bought at Mrs. O'Leary's away before I took Sally to the Delano District, and to lunch.  All that was left on my table when I got home were the two new fluid acrylics I purchased.  I also got one new pan pastel (blue), one bag of six UM rubber stamps on clearance for $1.95 (US), and a dark blue ink pad that was on sale for $1.00 (US).  In the envelope are two gift certificates for my friend Kathy.  One is for Mrs. O'Leary's and one is for the restaurant next door, another locally owned business.

The note cards I purchased at Bungalow 26 for Sally were also for a good cause.  The proceeds from the sale went to the Independent Resources Center, which is a local provider of services for persons with disabilities.

For myself, I bought some shower oil made with lavender and rosemary essential oils.  The small bottle is called stress reliever, and you apply it to your forehead and pressure points.  It's for my friend R who gets severe headaches.  I hope it helps her.  That tiny bottle was actually the same price as the shower oil.

Thanks for stopping by again for part 3 of my Small Business Saturday posts.  Bet you're glad I didn't try to lump them all into a single post!

Have you heard of Small Business Saturday?  If so, did you "shop local" last Saturday?

10 thoughtful remarks:

jinxxxygirl said...

I have heard of Small Business Saturday. But no i do not participate. I just cannot make myself pay more for something i can get cheaper at the big box stores. I know that is not a popular view but there it is. Now if the small stores could offer it to me at the same price i would happily shop them. I'm so glad you found what you were looking for...... :) I need to get busy on my Christmas list. Thankfully its small. :) Hugs! deb

Craftymoose Crafts said...

You really made the most of small business Saturday. Lots of gifts and the added bonus that some of the proceeds went to help local people in need.

The Thai food looked good especially since I like chicken.

Rita said...

I have not heard of Small Business Saturday. This looked like a nice, bright, clean restaurant. Have fun with the new goodies!! :)

massofhair said...

Just found out our SBS is 6th December not November and is now running nationally!

Have enjoyed all three of your linked posts Elizabeth, always a pleasure to visit your blog:-) xxx

Rebeca Trevino said...

Small business Saturday is a big deal in my part of the world. Thankfully it not only helps small local businesses, but it helps artists and local galleries.(big businesses/big box stores do just fine the rest of the year).

thank your for this post E-i am glad tons of people are aware of this day all over the country.

johanna said...

i really wish we had something similar here! small businesses have a hard time, i think... i really would enjoy strolling around with a friend like you did.

pearshapedcrafting said...

Having read your three posts on Small Business Saturday I must say you look as though you had fun even though Sally was moving you on a bit!! It is Small Business Saturday here in the UK today so we're off to do our bit in my home town of Lincoln - quite a trek so we are saying overnight with my brother! There is also a Continental Christmas market on(Lincoln started with the first one many years ago)so I think a trip there too! I'll catch up with you eventually!! Thank you for your many kind comments recently - i really do value your opinion! Hugs, Chrisx

froebelsternchen Susi said...

We don't have something similar..but o.k. there are many other sales during the whole year!
Great founds!
Happy Saturday Elizabeht!

dawn said...

Hello! Sounds like another fun outing with Sally. Love the picture you took of her and the peek at you in the reflection. They give you a lot of food on your plate, looked YUMMY! Nice gifts for your friend, hope they help her headache.

I didn't do any shopping on Friday or Saturday, stayed home and relaxed and ate leftovers. It is so nice to visit these small places indeed though.

I've been posting my December Daily pages this week, YAY for another mini.
Also thought I'd share some sad news with you. Found out Susan (Ariel) MIL just passed away suddenly in her sleep. They had to pack up quickly and get to India and are still there sorting out what to do next. Could you please keep her in your thoughts and maybe make a small note on your next post so others can too. She needs them, it was so sudden and a hard time for all of them now. If you don't post that is very ok, thought you would like to know though.
It's been mild here all week and now we have rain for today. Even saw a glimpse of blue sky and the sunset this week.
Take care and have a good weekend.

Nancy said...

What a feast! Food looks very fresh and appealing. You certainly had a full day and lots of lovely purchases.