Thursday, December 4, 2014

Small Business Saturday (part 2)

Continuing with Small Business Saturday,

this is where we left off yesterday.  Please be aware, this is a photo heavy post.

As I step through the door, I am overcome by all the beautiful handmade gifts this place has to offer. 

I'll let you peruse these photos at your own speed, and let you appreciate everything as I did.  I'll try not to slow you down with my words, at least not too much.

It didn't take Sally long to find what she wanted me to buy her.

OK, I admit it.  I wanted that glass bird serving dish, but the $100.00 price tag only afforded me the opportunity to take two photos of it.

Sally chose these note cards as the rest of her Christmas gift.   They are a painting of the old Sedgwick County Courthouse here in Wichita.  It's the place you go for early voting, too.

It was here that Sally got bored and decided to go to the car.  She wanted to sit and there was no place to do so, at least not according to her.

I see a chair in the back where she could have sat, but since she already had picked out what she wanted me to get her, she decided it was time for us to leave.

So, these next photos were shot on the fly.  I hope you can make everything out.

To the back on the far left of the photo, is a picture of what I bought for myself.  I'll show what I bought once I get home.

Thanks for taking this rather hurried journey with me for this second installment of Small Business Saturday.

13 thoughtful remarks:

froebelsternchen Susi said...

What a fantastic shop Elizabeth!
Enjoyed your photos! Thank you .. That was definitely to expensive for this plate - you are right!

Nothing a frugal crafter would buy!

Divers and Sundry said...

They have such attractive displays!

Corrine at said...

Oh my kind of place. What a gem. Eye candy everywhere.
best to go there without your wallet. xox

johanna said...

thats Shopping after my own heart! looking and photographing mostly, but i think i spied some things i would have enjoyed to buy. must have been a very satisfying day!

massofhair said...

Like you Elizabeth i could have spent a whole day in that shop, THANK YOU for taking us around this wonderful grotto of loveliness. The plate is fab but far too expensive, i agree.

It feels like i was with you on your journey around the shop, some wonderful packaging and products. Looking forward to seeing what you bought for yourself :-) xxx

Nancy said...

Enjoyed browsing with you! I love shops like this and can spend a lot of time just looking.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

What a beautiful store--I could have spent hours browsing and trying to resist almost everything!

Dianne said...

this is exactly the type of shop that I love to browse in! and I take a long time at it too...that way I often can find bargains that others overlook. Really love the way they've elevated their displays with old chairs and boxes, and what gorgeous brick walls! thanks for taking us along...:)

TwinkleToes2day said...

Wonderful images Elizabeth; what a fabulous place to look around, thank you for sharing your day with us and letting us see all those lovely items. I had a wee chuckle that Sally chose her gift from you :o))

Anonymous said...

what a welcoming shop sign love the blue jars and I think I would buy the owl tea towels as i love owls..I bought a glass solar powered owl light today..twit twoo

Rita said...

What a great little shop! Lots of goodies there. :)

Krisha said...

I love to go through little shops like this. I usually can't afford much as the prices are out of my budget.
The tea infusers are like the ones they served us in the Perchanga golf course restraint.

Looking forward to see what you bought.

Carol said...

Oh My! The kind of shop I could happily spend lots of time and money in :) Love the Bird Server too but also out of my price range. Thanks for sharing ♥