Thursday, September 18, 2014

Altered Playing Card Challenge, week 3

I'm once again joining Claudine at Claudine's Art Corner with week 3's entry.  If you were here yesterday, you read how I (and much of my neighborhood) was without water all day Tuesday.  I wish I could blame the problems I had with these two cards on that, but I fear that would not be entirely true.

Of all the products that Claudine suggested we use this week, this was the ONLY thing I had that was even close to meeting the criterion.  And I spent an inordinate amount of time looking for some gears I thought I had that my friend Kathy had let me cut from her gears and cogs Sizzlets.  However, I must have used all of them in a swap, because I could find NONE.

Since I had no alcohol inks that would work, I decided to make my own, using Staz-on reinkers and 91% Isopropyl Alcohol.

I fear I made a mess of the inks.  They didn't blot like AIs do, but spread over the playing card.  Since I had no gears, I decided to make this one my own.  I used one of my stamps I bought years ago and colored it with black pigment ink.

Next, I made the mistake of thinking the red pigment ink would show up well on the card.  Instead, all I got was another mess and a poor stamping job.  This is also a very old stamp I was gifted with years ago.

I decided to compound the problem by using another pink pigment ink on this stamp that looked a bit like it could replace the gears.

Now I was left with a mess on top of another mess.  And none of it was legible.  Why I had used black on the script stamp is beyond me, but it's what threw the entire spread off as a result.  I kept asking myself how was I going to get out of this mess, the whole time knowing I had only 52 cards and wishing I could wash my hands.

With all that pink on the page, I decided to stamp over it using black pigment ink.

Just as I was trying to call this one acceptable, I added the copper leafing pen.  But, as you can see, the pen leaked on the card, the mat, and the cap when I shook it.  I tried to clean the extra leafing ink from the mat and the card, but I had trouble getting it cleaned up.  Regardless, I had lost my patience for this card, and declared it finished.

For my second card, I had no distress inks, but I had pan pastels.  These are the only two pan pastels I own, so I thought they could replace Claudine's distress inks.

I decided to use a clean sponge dauber to spread these.  Since I also had no die cuts, I decided to use some metal leaves I found in my stash.  The vine had been a die cut, but it was fabric, so I wasn't sure how well it would work on the card.

Here they are before I added the sentiment.

I wanted "Fall" to have a bit of humor to it, so I used a stencil to have the word tumbling down the vine.  I'm rather happy with this one.

I can't say the same for this one I call "Mess."  One has to admit, it lives up to its name.

Thanks to everyone who visited last week and left such nice comments.  This is the only place you will see these playing cards, since I'm not on Facebook.

13 thoughtful remarks:

pearshapedcrafting said...

Hey! I caught up and here you are feeling a bit down! I know it didn't go your way but no way can you call it Mess! Hugs Chrisx

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Elizabeth...I hope you don't hate me for leading you to this challenge, because you don't sound like you are having fun. You are way too hard on yourself--I like them both.

I think my cards are going to go back and forth between being what I consider good and bleh. I'm sure there are going to be many themes that I have nothing for either. Well, we will see how it goes.

TwinkleToes2day said...

I think you did a cracking job of persevering instead of giving up. At least you got something together, and with now ater either, it is highly commended. Imo :o))

froebelsternchen Susi said...

You are way too hard on yourself--I like the mess one specially... it's gorgeous in my eyes!
Happy Friday Elizabeth!

Dianne said...

well I love them both! seems I need to be gearing up for fall...I am seeing pumpkins and such on people's blogs! I rather like the layers on the stamped card...and especially the metal leaves on the pumpkin one. Lovely!

Sharon Fritchman said...

Hi Elizabeth! I just want you to know that I think both cards look wonderful. I love the fall one - fall is my favorite time of the year. And the second one that you call a "mess" is definitely NOT a mess in my book. I think it is beautiful!!! Really I do. And I want to thank you so much for your wonderful visit to my blog!

see you there! said...

Call me funny but I like them both. Sometimes when we have a plan and the plan doesn't work it is hard to see the beauty in what we end up with.


Jo Murray said...

Sounds like you were having one of THOSE days.......but it's turned out well in the end. I like both of theses.

Krisha said...

Days of frustration can sometimes make you wonkie! I happen to like your "Mess" the best....LOL I call it "ART"!

Cindy McMath said...

Well despite your struggles I think they turned out great. And for humour on the Fall card I also faintly see Taz' ears - LOL - which is cool. If I didn't know what cards you were using they would just look like a cool pattern. :)

2amscrapper said...

Hope you have water now! Your cards are great--maybe not the way you envisioned them to look when you started out, but great end results nevertheless! Helene

Carol said...

Sometimes what we consider a mess is truly beautiful to others.... your cards turned out very nicely ♥

ionabunny said...

Hi Elizabeth, I'm sorry but I like mess. Before you told me everything that was wrong with it I thought you had done a lovely subtle stamping job. Ah well....... Great fall card. I dislike using fall for autumn but I love how your word and lovely leaves fall down the card. May steal that tip cos my week three aren't quite finished yet and that was one of my sticking points!! Thanks for the inspitation. Hugz. I'm following you now. It looks like us non-FB's have got a little sub-set going on. More hugz