Saturday, March 22, 2014

Journal 52, week 12: A Day in my life

At Journal 52 this week, Chelle's prompt was "A day in the life of me."  Chelle asked, and I quote: "What do you do everyday from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep?"

To answer that question, here's what I do most days.

When I wake, I hug Bleubeard, then shower.  Although I don't show it, I also make coffee.  Can't live without my coffee.

Next, I check my blog and visit people who have visited me, or who have something new on their blogs.  After that, if the weather is warm, I head to the garden before the heat of the day takes over.

Then I make art (which I have inconveniently cropped from the scan), and sew.  Of course that usually means I sew on paper.  I eat one meal a day, and it's usually late in the afternoon.  Of course, I take time out to hug Bleubeard, too.

Sometime during that day, I take photos, either for my blog, or of Bleubeard's friends. Later I head to my bedroom with Bleubeard, of course, where we both sleep snuggled together for warmth (at least at this time of year).

I hope you enjoyed a day in my life.  It's not really exciting like some, but it suits me fine.  Of course, there's the daily cleaning, washing dishes, doing laundry, checking the mail, and making the bed.  But those are boring, and I  couldn't find any pictures that would support those activities. 

The details: the computer picture was taken from an old telephone book, and everything else was from paint chip samples.  I used a nearly dead sharpie for the journaling, and painted the background in various shades of green and gray.

Thanks again for your support because I am not a member of Facebook or Flickr, two media sites you must join in order to show your weekly entry. 

6 thoughtful remarks:

Halle said...

Love the collage elements you pulled together for this weeks prompt. I think you left off the coffee since it's like breathing to don't even think about it. ;)

Divers and Sundry said...

excitement is not always a good thing. i think coffee and cuddling with a cat sounds plenty exciting :)

Krisha said...

Your days sound about like mine, except for I usually cuddle with my dog, Dyna, until she starts snoring!!!

I like the way you laid out your collage, and the great pictures you used.

So that racks up an other J52 week for both of us. They are using some interesting prompts, don't you think?

Dianne said...

so I guess the image of 'Eat' came from a magazine? (since I remember your kitchen has copper and blue in it) I found the big jars of color coordinated M & M's (?) fascinating and amazing...and that you only eat ONE meal a day? yikes...I would think I'm starving! A fun peak into your day, and sounds like Bluebeard benefits from some hugs along the way! hope you are getting some Spring headed your way...

Corrine at said...

Love, love this post Elizabeth. One meal a day huh? I couldn't skip breakfast or a late lunch, but could definitely skip dinner, which lately I seem to be doing. Coffee, ummm, cannot live without it.Hugging furry beings, all day every day, so lucky to work at home and be with them all the time. I think Bleubeard is a lucky cat too, to have you. And your big hugs. xox

see you there! said...

Enjoyed getting a look at your day. I'm afraid I'd be quite hungry with just one meal. Good for you for keeping up with this challenge.