Sunday, December 29, 2013

Looking back on 2013

As I do every year, I'm looking back at the best moments of 2013.  I usually do this review on the 31st, but I want to post my calendar that day.  And since tomorrow is T day, now is the only time I can look back.  And this year I've included links to each post or artwork I mention.  That way you can look back and see anything you might have missed.  Be aware each link opens in a new window.

I began the year on a sour note.  It seems I had managed to approve an "add-on" to Firefox that didn't allow me to see any links.  I also couldn't comment on any blogs with embedded text.  I spent most of my time trying everything I knew (and didn't know) to get what I thought was a virus off my computer.  As a result, I had a very unproductive month, both with art and blogging.

One of the few collaborations I was able to join was Darcy's ARC (or Artful Readers Club).  Had it not been for her adding my link for several months, I wouldn't have been able to join.  This is what I made for the first ARC meeting.  The totally useless book I reviewed is shown in the background.  And although I sewed and completed many, many, many scrappy journal pages over the rest of the year, this is the first of only two scrappy books I completed in 2013.

I didn't accomplish much in February, either.  But I managed to celebrate Chinese New Year with

this Year of the Snake wall hanging that actually started as a quiltlet, then grew too large to be anything other than a whole cloth wall hanging.  I provided one step out photo, too.

Because my camera took such lousy photos, I'm also including one close up.

For Valentine's Day, I created a wall hanging or flag for a male friend who had  just gotten out of the hospital.  I documented how I made it, too.  BTW, 2013's word was DOCUMENT.

At the beginning of March, I returned to my 7 Continents altered book, which I believe possibly holds a world record for procrastination and AB UFOs.

This page is called "The Americans."  I document how I made the page here, and I explain all the symbolism.

I'm sure some of you remember the 22 inches of snow Bleubeard and I shoveled out from under last March, and when I did, I created snow dyed fabric.

Some of this fabric should look familiar, since I recently used it on the back of two quiltlets I made for Christmas gifts.  As I explain with ALL my projects, I don't always have an immediate use for things I make, but there comes a time when they'll be the perfect addition to whatever I'm making.

I love celebrating holidays and

St. Patrick's Day was no different.

This is the only other scrappy journal I made in 2013.  It was made for my ARC entry for March.  Here you see the spine area and the front of the journal.

April was filled with projects that focused on recycling, reusing, rethinking, repurposing, and respecting the planet.  From the first day of the month until my bEARTHday on the 22nd, I focused on projects that would help keep items some consider trash out of the landfill.

I started the month by recycling some mica powders I've never used and turned them into my own shimmering mists.

Because it was a month for recycling, I interviewed my dear friend Halle of Halle's Hobbies.  This was a great project and I'm glad Halle watermarks her photos, because I've had several people tell me they had seen it on Pinterest pinned from MY blog.

Although I made this during Earth Month for monoprinting on fabric, I can see using it when I begin playing with my new Gelli plate.

This was the first of two journals I made from recycled greeting cards.  I found tutorials on YouTube, but ended up making them different putting my own spin on them.
 I made this recycled book from paper bags silverware was served in from a restaurant.  I tucked it inside the second journal I made from greeting cards.

Another favorite that many appreciated was this post showing how to save seeds from year to year, or get them ready to plant in the spring garden.

One of my favorite projects in April was this piece I made from a cracker box using joint compound and paint I got at the county's Household Hazardous Waste Swap and Shop.  I documented all the details, too.

I created this fabric collage for my bEARTHday, 2013.  You can read all about it here, and see some of the pieces I've made with recylced materials I kept out of the landfill.

And of course, I can't leave Bleubeard (my "better half") out this month, even though he's barely awake in this photo.

Early in the month, my friend Sally and I attended an art and craft show.  I fell in love with these paintings, with a special nod to The Wizard of Oz, since I live in Kansas.

Late in May, I interviewed my friend Dianne at Art Beneath the Cottonwoods.

This may not look like art to some, but my garden is always a big part of my blog each year.  Thankfully, my friend Scott came by to help get the pots ready.

I honored Memorial Day with this piece I called In Flanders Fields.

I joined two collaborations in June, that consumed most of my time.

One was ICAD, or Index Card A Day, and the other was

Summer of Color, or SOC.  These were spread over many days, so I didn't bother leaving links.

July was all about ICADs.

August had me scrounging for flowers to use in my mandalas.

It was also at that time I started a new altered book that had no theme.  The first entry was my interpretation of the statistical anomaly known as Black Swans.

September brought Museum Day, and my friend

Sally and I traveled to another city and took in two museums.

October wouldn't be complete without Halloween.

In that spirit, I created a few Halloween cards.

November was Art Every Day Month or AEDM.  I tried to make a wide variety of things,

including my latest colographic plate,

a spread honoring Thanksgiving in my Collage altered book,

and a fabric piece I originally planned to turn into a quiltlet.

December I wrapped Christmas gifts I made

and created a page in my Collage AB welcoming winter

I also gave my friends a tour of my home after I decorated for Christmas

I hope you enjoyed this look back at 2013 on my blog.  I'll be back after the new year with a look back at my predictions for 2013.  It's my way of showing accountability.  And if you made it this far, I applaud you!

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Corrine at said...

Ups and downs and seems like a life in balance at the end. I really enjoyed your snow dying experiments and your recycled greeting card books. As always I too like to find out about how your garden grows. Looking forward to more Bleubeard adventures with you on 2014. Happy New Year. xox

Helen said...

A great look back at your year - lovely to see some of these projects again. Hope 2014 brings you everything you wish for.

voodoo vixen said...

Lovely to be bale to join you for a look back at 2013, I will remember it as super frustrating as you had the computer problems to deal with, but you made some lovely art over the months too.
We are off on our cruise of the Fiji Islands in the morning so will be out of touch for a couple of weeks and I wanted to wish you and Bleubeard a wonderful 2014!!

Dawn said...

You have certainly had a rollercoaster of a year Elizabeth!!! Yet through all the trials and tribulations you have consistently created stunning art and stayed true to yourself and your philosophies - I salute you my lovely.
Huge hugs x x x x

Halle said...

What a great year in review! I think it's great how you use your experiments and backgrounds eventually. I tend to forget that I've made them and then make more.
I've seen my wind chime pinned from your blog on Pinterest too. Exactly the reason my watermark now contains my blog address not just my blog name.

fairy thoughts said...

Hi Elizabeth that was a lovely look back through the year I even saw some stuff I missed you have been very productive. I might even do this myself
Happy new year to you and cheers to 2014 it promises to be busy for me already

Denise Price said...

What a great collection of artwork! Since I didn't "meet" you until Summer of Color, much of the work you posted here was new to my eyes. Clearly I need to go back and look at all your earth-friendly art from April. I'm sure I'll get lots of inspiration there. :)

Happy (almost) New Year!

Dianne said...

You've had quite a fruitful year of projects! Your 'look back' must have taken quite a while to get organized,but glad you did it...I do love that mobile Halle made from bottle caps! Thank you for the opportunity to be featured on your blog too. It forced me to reflect on what I really want to accomplish, and it's probably something I should do more often, since our priorities change over time! Happy New Year dear friend!

Julia Dunnit said...

No, I applaud YOU, what a fantastic year of crafting and creating you've had. I think the ICAd project is the stand out for me, but every post is a gift. Thank you!

Monica said...

great synopsis of your year and great to see you triumph over adversity. Do love the photo of your room and the little visitors on the floor. hugs to Bluebeard

Marilyn J. Rock said...

Thank you for the look back at your year. I look forward to sharing more art with you in 2014. Here's to a healthy and happy one! xo

Rita said...

This was a fun tour of your year. We all have more and less productive times, but you got a lot done all year. :)

Vicki Miller said...

What a great post. i don't think I could do it because I was AWAL for somany month this year. Hey, what's this thing about statistical anomaly? In Australia, we only have black swans!

Carol said...

You did have a productive year!!! I don't know if I ever told you or not but your April post on the shimmer mist inspired me to create some of my own sprays using tints that I get at work. ( I work in a paint department) I have had so much fun and created some fantastic pieces that I would never have been able to do if I had to constantly buy my sprays at a craft or art store. So thank you very much! ♥ Looking forward to sharing an amazingly crate year with you in 2014 :)

Krisha said...

What a wonderful re-cap of the year!!!

Karla B said...

What creative year for you, my friend!I wish you a magical new year and many champagne kisses. Much love from Brazil!

Vicki Miller said...

Thanks Elizabeth, for all your lovely comments, I really do look forward to hearing from you. Now that I have read your post, I see what you mean about black swans vs Black Swans. It was something new to me. I suppose in a country where black swans are normal, the phrase Black Swans doesn't have much meaning,
The butterfly patchwork is sometimes called japanese patchwork, but is really a quilt-as-you-go method which creates faux cathedral windows. The bottom fabric is a circle with the edges ironed under and the top is a square which just fits into the circle. tutorial here
I find it is an easy way to make something quilted, from coasters, using one block, to a bag, or a full size quilt. The blocks are very easy to carry along with you as well.
Finally, my design wall is 4ft by about 16ft I only showed part of it in the pictures.

see you there! said...

Enjoyed the year in review. It really shows how consistent you are about creating. Have you chosen your word for 2014 yet? I'm thinking about doing that.


NatashaMay said...

Great year in review. :) I'm wishing you a Happy New Year 2014!

Jo Murray said...

What a year!!! Makes me feel downright lazy. Sending wishes for a Happy New Year....and similarly creative one.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I enjoyed the year following along and seeing all of these and many more projects! Wishing you a happy and creative 2014.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I completely enjoyed visiting you in November for Art Every Day month, so catching up was quite a treat! Thank you for taking the time to recollect all of that.

I found some of the comments you left at my blog during aedm that disappeared. For some reason they wound up in Spam. I did approve them... and am so grateful you took the time to visit and comment.

I know you will create oodles in 2014. Hugs to Bluebeard!

BJ said...

WOW what a year for you! My son's birthday was 4 days before Christmas on the Winter Solstice. Not sad at all, he loves it, in fact when the days began to draw in and get colder he told be how he loved this time of year as it was his birthday and Christmas. He loved his card, it is his favourite game and that picture is his wallpaper on his computer too. He was well impressed. Hope you had a good Christmas, we had a quiet one and our son is going to a friend's for New Year sleepover tomorrow, so even quieter here then! Hugs BJ

Janet said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea of commemorating the year in art. I'm going to have to file that away for consideration next year. You and Bleubeard have been VERY busy!Thanks for sharing all those projects!

dawn said...

WOW WOW WOW!! I love seeing all your past projects and stories. What a great job you do at making things from things you have on hand, that's so awesome! You are a fearless artist, trying new things and creating things constantly. So happy I get to enjoy them when you post them.

I think you lived thru your WORD for 2013 too, document was huge for you!!

Thanks for this look back on your year, some of it new for me which I love and enjoyed the ones I already saw.
Might have to so this on my blog too, will be after the New Year though.

~*~Patty S said...

WOWEE E ♥ !!!

You amaze me with how you can recap all of that are a powerhouse and an inspiration!

Well done on a most creative 2013...
this post is super!

Here's to another great year for you and Bleubeard...