Sunday, October 13, 2013

Mandala Monday: Candy treats

Dawn at Girl Unwinding hosts Mandala Monday.  Dawn's Mandalas are incredible, beautiful, and often beyond words.  I can only imagine what her garden and yard must look like, because she comes up with some truly unique mandalas.

My garden, on the other hand, has nary a bloom I would want to use in a mandala, with the exception of the very last (and I mean very last) of my sunflowers.  As we celebrate the Columbus Day weekend, I realized

in order to play this week, I had to improvise.

This would need to be a different type of mandala, with only a smattering of natural additions.  As I brought the camera closer to the center of the mandala, I could feel the heat from the flames and see the circles of light radiating from the view finder on my camera.

I didn't need a flash (which I don't use anyway) for any of these shots.  The candles were enough to light the mandala. 

A few close-ups show tootsie pops,


and candles were used to make this mandala.

Please visit Dawn at Girl Unwinding for other Mandala Monday participants.  You'll be amazed at the talent of these women who participate.

10 thoughtful remarks:

dawn said...

Happy Mandala Monday!! WOW, you have outdone yourself on this one!! It's STUNNING!!! I love the candles and soft glow it's giving, WOW!! YAY for the sunflowers, so pretty with the white. The background table is perfect for this mandala too. WOW, love this!!Ok, the suckers are cute too and blend in so well.
I bet you enjoyed the camera too!

Silent Sunday looks like summer there, love the photos of your town. We have lots of green here too, there was an article in the paper Saturday about this. Due to the wet summer and warm dry fall it's keeping things green a bit longer then normal. Also the leaves will be more red then yellow this year because of that too. So fall is slowly coming and I'm in no hurry, this weather is perfect.

Happy Monday!!

Anonymous said...

LOL you are cracking me up! I thought those tootsie pops were spoons and the candles were eggs on first glance! what a ding dong. Suckers and candles are much better ;-)
I love your creative play with this one and I appreciate all the detail you pick up in your close up shots.
Maybe I will have to take you all on a tour of my yard one Monday so you can see from wince I pick up all my mandala fodder. In the meantime, Happy Mandala Monday Elizabeth! always a pleasure.

see you there! said...

You came up with a very creative mandala. I'll bet it looked pretty with only the candlelight.


Marilyn J. Rock said...

A wonderful and sweet Mandala! xxoo

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Very clever mandala! It looks beautiful with the Tea light candles lit.

~*~Patty S said...

well E this is a real beauty and you and your camera are doing a fabulous job too = great twinkling closeups!!!

♥ everything about your creative mandala this week ...
working with what you have and making something really special!

see you for T tomorrow

Halle said...

Great take on the mandala today. Those chocolate suckers have me salivating. That's the only flavor of those that I like.

Nan G said...

Yummy mandala! Have to admit, I too, thought those were eggs in amongst the lollipops. :) lol Fab pics !

Dianne said...

This is gorgeous dear E! at first I couldn't tell what the white round things were...but using candles was brilliant. really love the last photo...

Kim Andersen said...

That is so cute! Wouldn't last long in my house I have to say - three hungry teenagers would make short work of your candy :)