Thursday, March 7, 2013

A BIG reveal of a different sort

I realize I was supposed to reveal the snow dyed fabric today, but it was so cold in my craft room, the snow has not had a chance to melt.  On top of that, I didn't have a chance to take an updated photo because as I was just getting up this morning, my dear friend Kathy called and told me she was on her way to my house and would be here in about an hour.  That was barely enough time to make a pot of coffee and take a shower, much less clean house.  Oh well, I thought I could live with the mess in the craft room by closing the door.

Little did I realize the totally awesome gift Kathy had for me.  Yep, this is a DIE CUTTING MACHINE, a BIGkick.  With it she included some dies, including a complete alphabet, and some off cuts from pieces she made.  No, I didn't get the die that makes the butterfly, but I got a few others.

I may have mentioned that Kathy's sister died a couple of months ago and Kathy inherited her sister's die cutter, the Big Shot.  So Kathy gave me her old BIGkick and she kept her sister's machine.  I'm not sure what the difference is, but Kathy said the Big Shot was made by Ellison.  I can't begin to tell you how thrilled I am.  The only problem is, I have no place to put it, so right now it's sitting in my craft room along with melting snow and fabric.

I had a little gift for Kathy, but it was nothing like what she gave me.  I gave her a small matchbox style book for keeping notes.  On the cover, it said something like (and I forgot to write down the original saying before I gave it to her) "Whoever says money can't buy happiness doesn't know where to shop."  And anyone who has ever read my blog knows how much Kathy LOVES to shop.

And shop we did.  We walked out, left the mess of books and magazines Kathy gave me on the table, along with the scrapbook paper, a few other pieces, and several plastic bags.  We went to the Salvation Army thrift store and I bought a broken tea pot for $2.00 and a lacy sheer for $1.00.  Not much of a bargain, but I've actually quit going to the thrift store because the prices are now so high.  While there, I realized I forgot to put my camera in my purse.  So from here on, there were no photos.

Next, we went to the Goodwill, which is also in my neighborhood.  I spoke to the lady at the register who was sorting through jewelry.  I asked her if they ever had broken items they threw away and she said if she found anything in the jewelry that didn't have a mate, she would give it to me.

 And Kathy found a doll that didn't have a head, so the lady gave it to me, too.  Look at all these goodies she gave me for FREE.

I was so impressed, I decided I should show some of the things Kathy brought me besides the die cutting machine.  Although I'm not fond of dabbers, these vintage dabbers looked like something I was willing to try.  And that LOUD yellow and red tape was to die for.  Quite a contrast from the vintage look right next to it.  Just goes to show I have never settled on a design style I prefer.

Kathy made a few cupcake liner roses, more than likely originally found on Pinterest, and gave them to me, along with a plethora of magazines and a few books.  She also gave me all that white cardstock weight scrapbook paper that I can turn into any color, colors, or designs I choose.  My kind of "scrapbook paper."

I hope to have the fabric out of the snow by tomorrow's post.  I never envisioned it would take this long for snow to melt.  Just goes to show how cold it is in my house!  And thanks for dropping by.  Sorry if I misled you into thinking you were going to see snow dyed fabric today.  Hopefully tomorrow!!

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Dawn said...

Ooh what a lovely generous lady your friend is E, enjoy playing with your new stash my lovely. Lol my local 'thrift' stores have cottoned on to us crafters and sell the broken jewellery and odd buttons in jars, can't blame them really!!
Keep warm sweetie x x x x

see you there! said...

With all the loot you got from Kathy I'll bet you were happy as a kid in a candy store. Isn't it great to have friends on the same wave length you are?

I'll be back to view the fabric.


Krisha said...

The thrift stores, in this neck of the woods have become as high as the retail stores too. But with a GREAT friend like Kathy who needs a thrift store....LOL
Waiting for the fabric reveal.

PeggyR said...

Oh I bet you are happy! Thanks for visiting me. Some things I do are for swaps, the beaded doll isn't. I'm up to individual trades or if someone wants to purchase something of mine we can dicker back and forth. I don't really want to open an Etsy shop.

Healing Woman said...

When I first looked at the picture on my sidebar, I thought you were making ice cream! I knew better though. Will have to wait til tomorrow to see results of your snow dyeing.

Love those little shopping jaunts you and Kathy take. You really came up with some FREE finds. Aren't you lucky to inherit that fabulous cutter too. Looks like lots of fun craft times ahead when studio/craft room warms up.

~*~Patty S said...

You are a BIG tease Elizabeth ;)

Good things are worth waiting for I guess.

Bet you'll have fun with all of your new gifts and treasures ...
also nice of you to 'help' Goodwill out by taking those odd bits off their hands ...
not everyone would see the value or beauty in some of those items (I do of course!)

We got our first 'real' snow yesterday...really wet and heavy and today all you can hear is melting after winter's last gasp, Springlike temps are on the way

Looking forward to seeing your snow dyed fabrics!

Corrine at said...

Great freebee goodies.......curious about what you will do with the headless one.....xox

voodoo vixen said...

Oh how fabulous of Kathy and now you are a die cutter!! I am trying to imagine a craft room too cold to melt material sitting in snow... nope, it doesn't compute... it really doesn't bear thinking about brrrrrrrrrrrr!
You did well during your shopping trip and I am now waiting to see what happens to the headless boyfriend of Barbie!! (why would someone donate a headless toy)??? LOL

Craftymoose Crafts said...

It must be so nice to have a friend who lives nearby and shares the same interests! What a generous gift to give you her die cutting machine--I'm sure we will be seeing some neat projects soon.

We did not get the snow predicted--it has been snowing all day, but not sticking. Still seeing green grass here!

Dianne said...

wow, quite a haul can have loads of fun with all that stuff! I'll be interested to see what you get up to with that die-cutting machine...cheers!

Marilyn Rock said...

WOW is right! Can't wait to see the dye results. Great haul you got there!! It's fun to share treasures like this with a special friend - happy for you! xxoo

Halle said...

Fun gifts from Kathy! I'm sure we'll be seeing you put them to good use real soon.