Sunday, December 30, 2012

My kitchen remodel (not AB photos)

I realize this is not a Silent Sunday post, but many people asked to see the entire kitchen remodel I created with my friend Joseph in January, 2005.  Instead of wasting time taking new photos, and since the kitchen has not changed a bit since May of this year, I thought I would show these photos I took at that time.  As of less than a month from now, this kitchen remodel will be seven years old.

In case you missed the remodel I documented in my Color AB and showed on December 16, this is my kitchen as it looks today, right down to the mess around the kitchen sink. The stairs lead to my office. The kitchen is all white, copper, and cobalt blue.

 As I pointed out in my AB, my friend Joseph and I stamped the ceiling using anaglyptus (raised wallpaper). I was able to get a sample free and I created the stamp using cardboard, foam, and glue, to which I added the wallpaper.

I painted the wallpaper "stamp" using a brush and copper craft paint. I then handed the stamp to Joseph who did the actual stamping of the ceiling (have I not mentioned I am not much of a stamper?). This was after he had carefully removed all that horrible "popcorn" from the kitchen ceiling that graces the entire house, of course. We also took the room from "country" to bungalow style by cutting and removing the country inspired scroll woodwork over the sink. BTW, this is the south wall.

I admit, I'm very fond of the ceiling, much more pleased with it than Joseph was.  I think all he saw were the mistakes.  I found it hard to photograph, but it is stunning in person.  I realize all that dark blue looks black in the photo, but that is because the rope lighting I added under the top cabinets lasted about six weeks before it died.  A definite waste of money.

It's hard to get a photo of the east wall because there's so much going on.  This seems to be the wall that collects all the minutia.

Here's another, albeit not much better look at the lower bookcase my friend Joseph and I built one weekend.  It now houses most of my copper and cobalt blue pieces I can't seem to let go.

Moving counterclockwise, you are now facing the north wall.

Moving further along the north wall to the corner of the west wall, you see I use every square inch to display my blue and copper "dust collectors."

One of my biggest dust collectors is my one-of-a-kind cheese grater/pot rack. I had it hanging over an island from the ceiling in my old kitchen, but this kitchen isn't big enough or high enough to use it that way.  It seems I'm always drying herbs on this grater, too.

I hope you enjoyed this remodel that has not changed much in seven years.  And yes, the kitchen sink is still intact.  Thanks for visiting and thanks for asking to see this remodel once again.

4 thoughtful remarks:

Halle said...

Awesome kitchen! Fun tour.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I love the color scheme, but I wouldn't want to be polishing all that copper! How do you keep it so bright?

Rita said...

I love all the copper and the cobalt. Your kitchen looks cozy and filled with love. :)

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks for directing me to this post. I love, love, love your kitchen! Especially all the wonderful copper! So if I see any little copper things at the thrift store should I grab them for you?

The ceiling looks great. What a great idea.