Friday, October 5, 2012

Last week in review

I wanted to share a few things I did last week, since I have no art I can share at the moment.  Everything is either being created, or on hold until I can get back to it.  First, I have spent an inordinate amount of time scanning my TIME altered book.   Next, I have to add a few words here and there to explain the pages.  That will have to wait, though.

 Those of you who are frequent readers of my blog, know how much I hate messes.  The ideas I had for Halloween and Christmas cards sort of went out the window

 when I was confronted with this mess.  I simply had to clean it up.

However, instead of finishing a few cards, the ideas simply didn't flow.  So I have that project on hold, also.

Instead, I went with my friend Sally to a Lebanese restaurant, where I took lots of photos

of their posters

that I had to reduce in pixel size

to the point where

almost everything in the photos were blurry, no matter how good or poor they had originally been.

Does this look like a feast?  I took home more than I ate, I think.

Sally and I sprung for their best meals.  I was so impressed with all that veggie food, I nearly forgot to take photos.  I get hungry just looking at this delicious meal.

Back home I worked on my altered book lesson, then took another short break.

This time it was off to a Japanese restaurant, where this time I

completely forgot to take photos of my tempura veggies, rice, egg rolls, and salad.  All that was left on the plate when I remembered was a bit of dipping sauce and the oil left from the fried tempura batter.

Finally, although I have no photos, I took my neighbor Sally (seen above) to the airport on Sunday.  On Monday I set off her alarm system when I tried to disarm it.  Although she's had this system for years and years, she had just had a new keypad installed.  I must learn to be more careful because this time I was lucky the alarm company called before calling the police, who would have charged her for the call.  

Now it's time to finish those projects I've been working on.  Do you have a project you have had to put on hold or one that is taking longer than you expected?  Feel free to share.

9 thoughtful remarks:

Dandelion and Daisy said...

I always have an insane number of unfinished projects! On top of the ones I want to do but haven't started yet! Everybody needs a break and it looks like you've been enjoying a good one......the projects will wait. Enjoy!

Regina said...

Thank you for taking us on your adventures with you ^_^ I love that little card you have started on your desk!!


Craftymoose Crafts said...

I always have several "next projects" in my head which is not to say that my workspace is not cluttered. I am proud that I just completed a project to enter into a contest--more on that in a few weeks. I have yet to start my tape/gel transfers and I have on the side burner a request to submit a project to an artist creating a pamphlet. Is that enough sharing?

elle said...

I start new projects even before I start new projects and I am desperately trying to change that. :O The AB project has been helping me to do that so I do thank you!

Monica said...

As I write this your gorgeous pussy cat is watching me from his white chair. I get to the stage where nothing is done until i clear up this mess frequently and all goes well until i start playing with something I found and had a super idea.

see you there! said...

Sometimes projects rattle around in my brain for ages before I even start. Right now I am mentally working on one - but I did start gathering some bits and pieces so maybe a start is in my future.

Or maybe I will just go out to lunch, you make it very tempting.


Rita said...

What a busy week! The vegetarian food looks inviting, yes! Enjoy your weekend. Things will come together when they are ready. :)

Carolyn Dube said...

I have never eaten at a Lebanese restaurant but it sure looked good!

Cindy McMath said...

Hi Elizabeth - have I had projects stall? Definitely! I just recently mailed back a collaborative book project that came to me last September (how embarrassing to admit). I spent the better part of the year either back and forth to Toronto or in Toronto for work and it seems like I have really "lost" the whole year. I even took the books with me and some art supplies. I made a few cards and whatnot but never did get the book pages done ntil after I'd been home for awhile. Luckily I have a very patient partner in the project! It sure felt good to get them done. Now I have signed up for the Sketchbook Project again this year and it's sitting on my table waiting for me to decide what to do with it. Due in January...I hope I get it done on time! :) I could relate to your story about the alarm company - I did the same at my mom's once when she was away. Unfortunately I had forgotten the code word so even though they phoned they had to send someone out. Also embarrassing! That Lebanese food looks great - time for lunch! Cindy :)