Saturday, March 17, 2012

Top O' The Morning to You

Here's to a wonderful St. Patrick's Day.

I realize these are not my regular style ATC sized cards,

but they are going into a small book I'm making for a friend. I'm sure she won't disapprove of the stickers I used for the two spreads, although they are a bit youngish for me. The grass and heart rainbows were from Mrs. Grossman stickers, and the Leprechauns and gold pot were from a sheet of stickers that had no name.

As an aside, I'm having a terrible time getting Blogger to cooperate with me today. I can't seem to get the images loaded, and when I do, they don't show up. No amount of reloading and biting my lip seems to work, no matter how hard I try. It goes to show you should never wait until the last minute to deal with Blogger.

I thought it would be a good day to recap my week. If only Blogger had been nicer this week! My first stop this week was with my friend Sally.

We went to this wonderful Italian restaurant that has the most awesome fruit bar. Of course, I got distracted by the entry, which, after I downloaded the images from my camera, I thought looked more like a painting, than an actual piece of furniture.

I was also quite impressed with the assemblages that lined the top of the wall. I got a lot of photos, but didn't save them for my blog.

Lunch was wonderful salad and fruit for me, and lots of pasta for Sally.

After we paid, I took a photo showing the various wines they serve. I'm sure they mean something to some people, but since I don't drink, this was just a pretty vignette to me.

The next day (we were on a kick this week), we found ourselves across town, visiting a different Sam's Club than usual. I won't bore you with photos of me buying Bleubeard's litter.

After filling with gas at Sam's, Sally and I headed to a late lunch at a bowling alley, or rather at a

Sport's Bar within a bowling alley.

Sally wanted to sit in the dark part of the restaurant, and my camera was not very cooperative.

After we ordered, I headed out to take in the surroundings. Some bowlers were busy bowling, but I only captured one in this photo.

Lots of video games, blinking, jingling, and purring,

caught my eye and my attention.

I thought this carpet, which ran through the entire room was quite dated, but I thought it would make a good background for vintage images.

Back inside the restaurant, I had time to take a few photos of palms, ferns, and other greenery.

I could not get a good photo of this case and its contents because I don't own a camera that I can put a polarizing filter on!! In fact, I don't own a camera that takes good photos!

Wichita State University, my final Alma Mater, is well memorialized here. I have NO IDEA who any of these players are. All I recognized was Gold and Black, the school's colors. On the sleeve of the framed shirt, is a picture of Wichita State's mascot: a shock of wheat! I've always thought that was the most ridiculous mascot around, but lots of people really like it.

More windows before I returned to my table!

The waitress was quite sweet, willing to hold still while I snapped her photo.

Sally and I outdid ourselves. We couldn't decide what we wanted, so we got sandwiches to take home (shown in the background) and pizzas to eat at the restaurant. Mine is cheese and onion, and on the bottom, while Sally's is cheese and mushroom, and on top. Of course, we took over half of our pizzas home, too. At least, I DID!

The next day (Wednesday), I went to the DMV. For those of you who aren't from the US, you may not know DMV stands for Department of Motor Vehicles. Since my birthday is next month, I wanted to renew my license (which in Kansas is every four years) before the due date, since they cut up your current one and give you a piece of light sensitive paper as your license until your new one arrives. I always worry about that type of paper, and even more so with my driver's license hanging in the balance of this strip of paper the width of a grocery receipt.

Putting all this aside, Sally and I went to a local buffet on Friday for yet another buffet lunch. I was still full of pizza, so I ate mostly fruit and a baked potato I smothered with French Onion Soup. Yep, there is no accounting for taste, is there?

Now you are caught up on my week. Aside from not being able to post comments on blogger, or write to my blog without many mishaps, I got NO art accomplished. It seems all I did was eat out, something I seldom do, or sit in front of my computer killing time trying to get Blogger to work. Other than that, this was a very exceptional week, since I was out every day, except Thursday. When was the last time you ate out? Is it a regular event for you, or are you like me and a homebody?

8 thoughtful remarks:

Bella said...

I very seldom eat out, mostly cook at home or make sandwedges that we take to school or work with us... though tonight we ordered pizza as a treat which we do about once a month or every 6 weeks or so. These meals of yours look really yummy. Eating out here is quite pricy so we are careful not to do that too much.

Rebeca Trevino said...

sound like a full week. . . but what i want to know is why didn't you hand the camera over to sally and have her take at least one picture of YOU?
after all these years, you remain the 'stelth' blogger.

the only one i could pick out in a line up is 'bluebeard'

voodoo vixen said...

You have had a busy week with all that eating out!! I am sure it makes a lovely change to have someone else do the cooking and clearing up... I know I do after two weeks of feeding myself when Chris is away. I just can't get enthusiastic when cooking for one.
If you have to apply for your driver's licence every four years... do you have to retest or something? Or is it just a money making scheme to make you pay again? Since we went over to photo licences in the UK you have to update the photo every 10 years (I think) and pay again... used to be that your licence was yours till you were 70!! LOL

Diane ~ said...

and a top o the morning to you too! so nice to go out for lunch with you, fun post ... except for your blogger troubles which i am having too!

see you there! said...

You had a busy if not artfull week. I go out to lunch about once a week or so. I especially like trying new places and new foods. There are so many places to eat near us I don't know it I'll ever get around to trying them all.


Rebeca Trevino said...

hi again
i thought i had your email address to reply to your reply , , , but i guess i don't . . . "Bleubeard and Elizabeth"

anyways this is what i tried to send you:

"Elizabeth . . . thanks for stopping by.
i know your are always the one behind the camera! i was hoping that maybe you could take a picture of yourself with a reflection in a window or a mirror?
your fans want to know . . .

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I enjoyed the "scenes from an Italian Restaurant" (thank you, Billy Joel for the song title)! We are pretty much homebodies except for special occasions and occasional take out.

Dianne said...

looks like several days of yummy food, and quite a variety of restaurants. The Italian place looked quite picturesque, but the pizza at the bowling alley looked pretty darned good too! My dh and I eat out a couple of times a week usually, but not anything too adventurous. We did have Chinese this week though. When quite a few of the customers are Asian American, I figured the food was good, and it was! Have a terrific week...