Monday, January 2, 2012

Last year's resolutions and how I did

I didn't do too well with my predictions/resolutions from last year, so I'm not sure I should make any for 2012. My word for 2011 was BELIEVE, and I believe I should not have made so many predictions for 2011. I show them below in BLUE.

1. This year I am going to sell my first work of art. It's not just a goal, it's a statement! And it's number 1 because I
believe it will happen.

Well, that didn't happen. I keep saying I'm going to sell something, but I end up giving all my inventory away to friends.

2. Revamp my blog posts, making even more days special, similar to Silent Sunday, Tea Tuesday, and Whats On Your Worktable Wednesday (WOYWW).

That didn't happen either, but I DO post tutorials (when I have them) on either Monday, Thursday, or Saturday. I also post minutia on those days, since I have four days I set aside for special or dedicated blog posts.

Sunday: Silent Sunday
Monday: open
Tuesday: Tea Tuesday at Kimmie's
Wednesday: WOYWW at Julia's
Thursday: open
Friday: Inspiration Avenue challenges (the day I chose for this)
Saturday: open

3. Interview one artist a month.

I didn't interview a single person in 2011, but I plan to do so in 2012

4. Continue visiting the Xerox site (link on my sidebar under "Eye candy and Freebies") at least once a week, and sending postcard support to our troops until they are safely home out of harm's way. See this post for the specifics.

This is one thing I continued through September of this year. After that, I knew troops would be coming home from Iraq, so I stopped visiting the site.

5. Interact more with my blog readers and followers.

I try to do that, especially with all the challenges I partake in. The fact that I spend the majority of my time on the internet reading others' blogs, shows my interest is less about my own art, and more about others' art.

6. Continue to work on my Hands AB and Altered Recipe AB.

I'm not sure I've even picked up my Hands AB in 2011, and my Altered Recipes are out of undecorated pages. Little did I realize in late 2010 that my focus would change so drastically to include fabric, surface designs, and wood, and less on altered books.

7. Offer a few meaningful swaps, not just on ABC, but through my blog, too.

That didn't happen unless you count the round robins I participated in.

8. Create at least one tutorial each month.

I stayed true to that one. The list of my tutorials continues to grow as I learn more surface design techniques.

9. Once a month, revisit some techniques I've not played with for quite awhile.

I was not very faithful to that either, focusing more on learning new techniques instead.

10. Create one assemblage each month.

When I wrote that on Jan 1, 2011, little did I know that my basement, where I have dedicated to create my assemblages, would flood, the stairs to the basement would collapse, and all my materials would have to be packed away at some off-site storage facility. I was without any assemblage materials for over nine months, and it took another month or so, just to straighten things out after the boxes that housed my materials were returned to me.

And finally:
11. Make meaningful art, not just something I throw on my blog because I need a post for that day.

Not sure I've done that, either, but everything I make is meaningful to me. And of course, I try to show the process I go through as I make each piece.

So how did I do? Not well at all. I could sit and justify all day long, but the truth is, I spent more time reading other blogs in 2011 than I spent making art. And with limited art supplies, I shifted my art focus to include fabric, which put a strain on my nearly non-existent art budget.

So what are my predictions for 2012? Here are the things I plan to do:

1. Continue to make meaningful art and show the process along the way.

2. Create at least one tutorial each month.

3. Interview one artist a month.

4. Interact with my blog readers and followers (just as soon as I have a working computer, that is).

5. Create one assemblage each month.

That should be enough because I'm no longer going to promise to sell something this year. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, it just means one of my art friends received a piece of art originally designated as inventory, or a scrappy journal I hoped to sell.

Once again, I'm choosing a word for 2012. This year I hope to inspire. Inspire both my blog readers and followers, as well as myself. This year, I'm hoping the focus will be on how well I can inspire people with my art, my tutorials, and my blog posts.

Now I'm inspired to get a working computer, but since this is a scheduled post, I will be watching the Rose Bowl Parade about the time this post hits blogland! How much more inspiration do you need than the Rose Bowl Parade? Well, maybe a trip to the computer stores when they open on the 3rd!

Sorry there are no photos, but I hope you saw my year in review here, which has loads of photos, along with my take on blogging. Once again, I hope you are having a super New Year!

26 thoughtful remarks:

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

Oh I hear you about computers! My computer (with everything, my pictures, bookmarks, images to print my cards died last Spring) but, I made the best of it, and have used my daughters gradually replacing everything as time went on....last, *that* computer may have "breathed it's last" and now, I'm using my husband's think pad, which I'm grateful to ave access to, but it has it's own limitations! Anyway, you've inspired me ever since I first me you at OWOH 2 years ago- has it really been two years?
Thanks for the inspiration and the friendship- btw, I'd be thrilled to do an exchange with you

rebeca trevino said...

I read what you wrote and all i can say is "you did so much in 2011!" i am always amazed at all the tutorials, and you beautiful artwork, your visits and comments to other blogs, the challenges you participate in, and your daily posts . . . you are amazing . . .i am thrilled to have found your blog. you and Bluebeard are the highlight of my blog time. you do sooo much. congratulations on an amazing year.

anyway, i enjoy my visits to your blog every time i stop by. happy new year to you my blog friend.

BTW: who is the guy in the photo on the right sidebar? when i started visiting your blog, i thought that he was 'blue beard' but it didn't make sense. i think i finally decided he was an entertainer.

ps: i am looking forward to your assemblages, and artist interviews. i loved the altered puzzle you posted a day or so ago. what a great idea. i may have to do one of those.

Julia Dunnit said...

I totally understand the thing about spending time looking at other blogs, I BELIEVE it's very very inspiring and enriching, which is why I visit her as often as i can. I am the owner of a piece of your artwork and I BELIEVE that you would find it difficult to sell rather than give away, putting a price on it would be hard for you. See, I believe that your contribution to the blogs that you read and contribute to is invaluable. I believe that you should continuity make art even at the cost of some web browsing, it is who you are. I believe 2011 was a great year for us your blog readers!

Clare with paint in her hair said...

I don't like to make resolutions because I never stick to them, I just hope that the next year will be better than the last!

Halle said...

Good luck computer shopping...maybe there will be some after Christmas closeout deals.
Can't wait to see you back online. Your goals for the year seem pretty reasonable. And I do love your word for the year.

Ohhh Snap said...

I'm impressed that you set goals and kept track of them, especially in the heat and basement mayhem you had. Looking forward to your 2012 works :D.

elle said...

You gave it your best, that is all you can do. There are only sew many hours and life does happen. You have a full week. You do inspire and I hope we inspire you. Good luck with the 'puter. I don't need one but I should start thinking about how to get high speed.

~*~Patty S said...

Not being a New Year's Resolution kind of person, I find a word for year better suits my style.

INSPIRE is a brilliant word and may I say you have already shown that you are very good at more will be just grand!!!

My word for 2012 is BALANCE
Happiest of New Year's to ya Dear E!

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Quite a list, good for you!!!!! I believe in you...xox Corrine

Dianne said...

Dear Elizabeth, only you, brutally honest as you are, can so cleverly turn predictions gone awry into a learning opportunity for your readers! May your 2012 be filled with much creativity, inspiration, and NO WATER in the basement! Happy New Year!

kimmie said...

I am not a resolution maker either because I'm always changing my plans my goals and my interests. But I do like the word for the year idea. I'm not sure what my word or this year will be. I really like yours. I think you definitely DO inspire. More than you might think! Anyhow, here's to a new year - full of hope :)

Xoxo, kimmie

Cindy McMath said...

Elizabeth, you definitely inspire me. I am going to participate in the 365 day calendar project this year after seeing it on your blog - just about done January (behind as usual).

Thanks for sharing your list. Good for you putting your resolutions on your blog and then posting a follow up. I'm sure this is the type of thing your many readers enjoy and admire about you and your blog.

I see you are having computer problems and no e-mail so I'll post here - thank you so much for the tip-in. I love it and I'm thrilled to add it to my collection. I hope you received my card by now - I was so late with mailing this year. Some arrived before Christmas and some after.

Thanks again - I hope I'll be better at keeping up with you and your blog this year!

Cindy :)

Marilyn Rock said...

Happy New Year Elizabeth and Bleubeard! Have a healthy one. I enjoyed reading your lists - thank you! xxoo

Diane said...

I think we all do this--but it's still nice to set goals--I'm really guilty of this-but don't stop setting those goals--because they'll happen when you least suspect it. I know you'll inspire this year--you already do!!

peggy aplSEEDS said...

happy new year, Elizabeth! i just want you to know that you've inspired me with your posts and encouragement!

voodoo vixen said...

I think you are being a little hard on yourself my dear E!! I look at all the beautiful things you make and yes... give away. It's a bit like being on a design team... then you realise that it actually takes the fun out of it if you have to make something to suit a time or theme.
I hope you have managed to get a new pc... I miss you!! You visit so many people, you make them happy that you have visited, you inspire so many... and 2011 was a pretty challenging year for you with accidents and floods etc... I think you did extremely well!!

Gaby Bee said...

I am not a resolution maker, but I enjoyed reading your list! Thanks for all the inspirations over the last year, Elizabeth! I know you'll inspire us this year as usual:)
Best wishes for a super 2012 - with lots of creativity, good health and joy!


Jo Murray said...

Resolutions are the pits! I can't seem to keep any. However, if you do want to sell something, why not put a price (plus postage) on the work you post? Somebody might well like it enough to commit. Go for it!

Healing Woman said...

Oh! What goals! The saying goes to reach high because even if you don't attain your goal, you will have accomplished a lot. I follow most of your posts and certainly think you have mastered the art of blogging already. I can only imagine how your blog will be a better place to come than it already is.

Also, I've said for a long time that your work definitely should be in the hands of collectors. Maybe it will happen this year since it isn't on your list.

Terrie said...

Since I found your blog I've been an avid fan and enjoy all your postings. I think many of us fall victim to the "read about art instead of making it" dilemma; I know I sure do.

I read someone wrap up blog somewhere and she listed accomplishments instead of a list of unmet resolutions - it's a great way to switch the thinking around and realize what you DID accomplish - in spite of a little water issue. You did INSPIRE others, you did post helpful tutorials, you did encourage and support others (me), you did make meaningful art, etc. You might find that list much more enlightening.

Here's to a INSPIRING and exciting 2012! (my word is possiblities)

Marit said...

You did have a lot of resolutions... I would go nuts having the idea to have to do that all... (You guessed already? I make none!) I hope 2012 brings you everything you want and that all your dreams come true! Keep on being creative - I think that's the one resolution we should stick too (aaahh - I seem to have one after all ;)


oh bless you. How on earth did you expect to live up to 11 different things in one year? I think 5 might be more realistic and yet still optimistic. Hope you and Bleubeard had a good Christmas and New Year and look forward to seeing you on WOYWW this year :)

JoZart said...

Happy New Year Elizabeth. You set yourself too high a challenge for your resolutions last year. You have done so much so be content with all you've achieved. You bring warmth and joy to so many via your blogging so be proud!
I'm following Neet and our ain=m is just to cast out negativity and be happy.... spread happiness!
Lots of love JoZarty. xxx

Brenda said...

I'm excited to find your blog. I've just started another blog called B.E. Creative Co. and will enjoy incorporating some of the techniques you have in my altered photo books.

Create With Joy said...

Happy New Year to you Elizabeth - I'm so glad you stopped by today - you've been on my list to get to FOREVER now but in the behind-the-scenes craziness of life these past few months you & Bleubeard have never made it past my thoughts...I hope to do better in the new year! :-)

I LOVE your word, Inspire, for the new year - it's one of the three I've chosen to focus on this year too! Create - Connect - Inspire - that is what I'm aiming for in 2012!

I caught up on your last several posts and love your projects (esp the pretty colorful calendar!) I hope you'll share a few of your favorites at my new meme, Inspire Me Monday, and add me to your place of stops to link up to each week!

Have a beautiful & Inspirational day!


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