Thursday, December 9, 2010

Advent Calendar Day Nine

Today is Day 9 and despite all my efforts to get a good photo of the box number, I was unable to take a decent photo. However, I managed to get a decent enough view of the box from a photo I took on Day 6.

And here Day 9 is open.

A close up reveals it's a rubber stamp of a hand and a past due announcement I made on the computer and printed on my handmade paper.

I've really become influenced by my UK friends. Today's artist, Kerry Lemon, hales from Surrey in the UK. A freelance graphic designer, Kerry's drawings are whimsical, yet graphically realistic. Be sure to click on each of the categories, then click on each of the photos that interest you. You'll be amazed at how clever her art is. So please stop by Kerry Lemon's web site today. I bet my UK friends have heard of her because she's well worth visiting.

11 thoughtful remarks:

see you there! said...

I need that stamp. I'm sure I've overdue on something - maybe getting my holiday shopping done. Overdue, yep, that's me.


Gez said...

FAB stamp. Enjoy.xx

Susan Allan said...

Your advent calendar is so different. It was interesting to see what was inside...lovely surprise!!!
What an ispirational project.
Sue xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Elizabeth, just had to trawl back through a few posts. Am loving the calendar days, adore all the dresses, they look so lovely hanging there and am impressed with the printing on fabric - not something I've tried yet but I will do. As the C day is creeping ever nearer I'm starting to feel I've got loads to do and yet despite being a lady of leisure I don't seem to have enough time; time management has never been one of my strong points :-/
Happy Thursday ;-)
Anne xx

Violets Corner said...

Great calendar and stamp, enjoy!


sharon said...

Love that stamp Elizabeth....oh so many uses!

Tina said...

Very cool advent calendar. I have one too...and it reminds me to put some goodies in it for my kids. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me the sweet comment.

happy holidays

Esther said...

Oh not sure I'd be able to have a rubber stamp hidden away in a box not being used, seeing as they are my addiction !! Was dead chuffed you thought I'd got the fence die cos the whole thing was hand cut by my good self...have only a couple of dies and it just shows you don't need expensive gadgets to get results!...and I don't know how heat resistant all place mats are..just that these ones I have do the job! Esther xx

~*~Patty S said...

super hand stamp E
and so you!
your calender is so much fun!

Gaby Bee said...

Love that stamp Elizabeth!
Happy December

sandra de said...

Great advent calendar and very cute boxes with goodies. Thanks for replying about the Route 66 book query ... hubbie is now satisfied.