Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Advent Calendar Day Fifteen and Day 3 of Christmas Swap

I almost forgot what day it was and started to upload Day 14 again. Then I remembered I'd already shown it. For Day 15, I once again used vinyl letters, but this time I painted them purple and added yellow dots. I need a good lesson from my friend Terri at Pringle Hill Studio because she know how to make dots!

I had a devil of a time trying to get a good photo of the money. Money seems to be elusive.

I used play coins for this, because at the time I made it, I didn't have any international coins. I have since received some and may replace the fake one in the small envelope with a real one.

This may be a better overall view of the jewelry box.

Today is also Day 3 of the 12 Days of Christmas swap. Group 1's day 3 is from Jeanene. Her lovely package is all wrapped with a glittery, sparkling bow. In fact, it was so glittery, it even showed in the photo. And I bet Jeanene picked out every stamp set she had, because it seems she used a myriad of stamps to write the sentiment.

Although I normally focus on someone from the WOYWW blog hop on Wednesday, I'm featuring Jeanene today. Although she doesn't post terribly often, she does have some wonderful photos on her blog from her trip to Italy this summer, and some very cold images of last year's ice storm. Jeanene also has photos of past swaps, many of which I've hosted, and art she has entered in local and state fairs. I was impressed by all the ribbons, too. Jeanene lives in Arkansas in the US. Therefore, Jeanene's blog, Life2Nene is my blog pick of the day.

I'm now headed back to the studio to work on my Christmas cards and gifts. I'm so far behind, I must force myself to do this before I visit anyone. Have a lovely Wednesday, WOYWW, and Day 15, midway through December.

7 thoughtful remarks:

~*~Patty S said...

I am having trouble keeping up with the days...oh heck keeping up with everything! Tis the season I guess.
Fun following your countdown...I enjoy looking at foreign coins and bills...always so interesting
Happy Thursday...what's left of it E

Doone said...

hee hee
tis still weds here - but i am calm now,

have made a video of me singing sound of music and embossing with the cuttle bug and I have had a glass of wine,

I'm so relaxed your numbers are confusing me - but in a generally pleasing and pretty way not in any kind of a negative way..
so odd to 'see people' at opposite ends of our days?

Amy said...

Heh. Money is elusive. Clever.
Unlike Doone, I haven't had wine yet, and I am confused by the numbers too. I have No Idea how you keep all of your swappiness straight. I never know what I am supposed to be doing.

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

Day 15 in December is always extra special to me, because it's my daughter, Emmie's birthday- this year was her 15th birthday (!) all the youngsters say it's her golden birthday bc her age=the date she was born on.....
I am loving this advent calendar, thank you again for sharing it with us, and the 12 Days are going beautifully as well!

Marilyn Rock said...

Again; your calendar is amazing and it reminds me I have to get going on the little things that I need to still pick up for the holiday. Love the play coins! xxoo

see you there! said...

Every little box holds such an interesting treasure. How many swaps are you currently doing?


sandra de said...

I do like your calendar always something interesting peeking out. Say hi to bluebeard.