Saturday, December 4, 2010

Advent Calendar Day 4 and my internet

Thanks to all for your concern over my internet woes. The electricity went back on yesterday, when the temperature outside reached a balmy 60 degrees F (nearly 16 degrees C). I was ready for shorts and sleeveless top, and did the only thing I could do: work in my yard. I really wanted to sew some pages, make an Inspiration Avenue entry, and a dozen other things, but as Annette pointed out in her comment, nothing happens when you don't have electricity. Even my lawn mower, which is electric, wouldn't work, so I borrowed my neighbor's gas powered lawn mower and blower, and leveled my front yard. Only took me 8 hours, but I got it. By that time, the power was back on, and I was off to Sam's for some much needed food supplies. The phone company was in my neighborhood all day, and had to restring their line. They were not too happy about it, because once they had the line replaced from the break to the pole, they found more problems, like those they found in my yard where squirrels had chewed through the lines. Oh the joys of living in an older neighborhood with well established trees and lots of wildlife.

Finally not too long ago today, Ma Bell and her little helpers got my internet and phone back in working shape. And, just in time for me to be off to my first Christmas party of the year. So, I'm quickly posting this, then dashing through the wind and cold, but no snow, with my neighbor Sally to a large dinner party with me making baked beans and green bean casserole. Easy for me, because I didn't need a recipe for either.

Today is Day 4 of the Advent Calendar, marked by a vinyl number.

Inside is a clock face, part of a circuit board, and two photo corners. Now I must get ready and take the beans out of the oven.

Today, since I had no real time to choose an artist of the day, I am featuring an article I found on some hub, called hub pages. The article is about Three Unknown Artists. Each of their works is different, so I hope you enjoy them. Sorry to cut this short, but the clock is ticking!

6 thoughtful remarks:

Healing Woman said...

I know you will be so happy and relieved to be up and running again..(I know you are OFF and running right now)

Good luck on getting caught up..Whew...I know the feeling.

Ana Cristina Caldatto said...

um excelente fim de semana!

Carola Bartz said...

Oh, older neighborhood with established trees and lots of wildlife? That sounds like where I live. Argh!!! I don't want to loose electricity. I have four squirrels who regularly visit my yard, but I think all cables are underground here. Huh. Actually, I quite like those squirrels, they're great entertainment and are always fighting with the Jays, very funny.

Sue said...

Hi ya hun
wow you sound very busy, glad you have your net back, i keep getting thrown of mine!! lovely ickle clock ticking nearer Christmas, have great party hun, oh ya may wana check out my candy winner when you back!! Have fun, sue,x

Marilyn Rock said...

Glad you're back on the "net". Just love what you're doing with your calendar Elizabeth! Breathe - slow and easy; you are one busy woman! xxoo

~*~Patty S said...

I am officially caught up on your advent is just so cool E!

hoping things are calming down a bit for you..I am headed for your T Tuesday post now too
p.s. being unplugged for 4 days...amazing how much I missed :)