Sunday, October 31, 2010

Silent Sunday's blog

It occurred to me that I have not featured a blog about wine. Although I'm not one to drink alcohol (my drug of choice is caffeine), I have nothing against it. I simply know nothing about wine and the only time I've had it, it either tasted like vinegar or how swamp gas smells. So, I leave it to the experts, and I found Dr Vino, or Tyler Colman, who got his Ph.D. at Northwestern University in Chicago, by writing his dissertation on comparing French and US wines. Now why couldn't I have picked an easy subject like that for my dissertation? As always, I read several pages of Dr Vino's blog before I gave it my approval. Of course, I had no idea what he was talking about most of the time. I'm sure many of you wine lovers will, though. One thing of interest was his comment that all 50 States and DC now have a law that states you can take your opened wine home with you from a restaurant. I think that is excellent news, because I've been places with friends who had to leave part of a pricey bottle of open wine, or they were forced to drink beyond their legal limit in order to finish it. So, whether you go for the videos, the wine reviews, or the latest news on wine and winemaking, Dr. Vino will be a fun read today.

13 thoughtful remarks:

Doone said...

hmm - in europe you can carry open alcohol in your car so you would be walking home anyway - so why not finish the bottle at the table?

cold lady grey tea reminds me of chardonney by the way - but then i am Mad and Odd

some wise person will now tell me the shared fragrance?

Doone said...

sorry that should read cannot carry - duh

Stephanie Mealor Corder said...

Love these pictures- it looks like a place I could spend hours wandering!

Lynn said...

What a lovely old place to visit, funeral parlors don't look like that anymore, I was at one this week and it was looking like a fancy hotel. Mind you, they should for all they charge people LOL.

Same in Canada with the wine. I think they don't want people over drinking then driving, better to be safe and let them drive with an open bottle. Problem is, what if they drink it while they drive? Hopefully not.

I love one of our local white wines, we live in wine country here near Niagara and so I have sampled quite a few, there are wineries galore on the drive to Niagara, so a lot of tourist buses come with people on wine tours. You get about an ounce of wine to taste, and boy oh boy what a difference in the tastes, apparently it all depends on the grape.
Here in our area they also use frozen grapes to make ice wine, which I don't like, it is too sweet for me, almost like a port.

Lynn said...

Oooooo sorry, I didn't mean to write another blog post Elizabeth, I got a bit chatty there.

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