Saturday, October 9, 2010

Final Oh Baby! signatures

Oh Baby! Here are the final pages of the Oh Baby art journal. I finally took time to get them blog ready. The previous signatures are here, here, and here. The tutorial for making the cover is here.

We begin in the center of the second signature. Elle of Elle in da coop asked how I treat the signatures when I add them to the book. The first ones I made, I sewed the entire bunch of pages together down the center, then sewed them again when I added them to the book. That sometimes caused problems, because unlike Elle, or Melinda, who are fabulous seamstresses, I admittedly can't sew a straight line, much less twice.

To correct that problem, I have sewn the two ends at the seams, catching all the pages. I went up about 1/2". You can probably see the extra thread at the bottom, but I'm not sure it shows that well at the top. After I have sewn these pages into a signature, I then add them to the book.

Now realistically, if you are hand sewing them to the book, you should sew them all the way through the center fold. Since I am machine sewing the signatures to the book, I found this was a much neater way of adding the pages. Just start at the top (or the bottom, your choice) and place your needle directly over the seam you have already created. Begin sewing and try to stay on the center fold. I found this to be the most practical process for those of us who are not seamstresses.

Pages 72 and 73 above are a vellum log 10 chart. I really love the see through quality of these left over from my days as an engineer. I used double sided scrapbook paper on the back of this spread so it would show through and also highlight the chart name.

Page 74: Back of log1o chart and scrapbook paper. Page 75: scrapbook papers over a page from a scanner manual.

Page 76: Same scanner manual, with DTP dye ink for background. Scrapbook paper, magazine image, and a sticker from fruit complete the page. Page 77: Tea bag that has been stamped.

Page 78: More dresses from a fashion magazine, scrapbook paper cut with decorative scissors, strip of numbers. Page 79: Ledger paper and hand painted H2O paper on a paper bag.

Page 80: Another number strip pared with note paper on a background of spray painted paper bag. Page 81: Magazine image sewed to card stock, then sewed to map so it flips up for added journal space.

Page 82: Magazine images. Page 83: Image from a Japanese book of fashion and a rubber stamp on colored paper.

Page 84: Another stamped tea bag that took on a decidedly pink aspect. Page 85: Dictionary page and hand painted card stock.

Page 86: Window envelope with canceled stamp turned into a pocket. Page 87: Book page on hand dyed graph paper.

Page 88: Magazine words, stickers on hand dyed graph paper. Page 89: Magazine words and paint chip samples on colored paper.

Page 90: Paint chip sample, book page, scrapbook paper. Page 91: Magazine image, ticket and ledger paper on colored paper.

The book page on Page 90 above has this as part of the text. I couldn't help saving this you could see it. The book is from the early 1950s.

Page 92: Another math flash card. Page 93: Stamp and punched paper flower on card stock. All on colored paper.

Under the flash card on Page 92 is this book image of bridesmaids.

Page 94: Book page (from a book on hand gestures), scrapbook paper, quote colored and printed on a business card blank. Page 95: Strip of MS punched ribbon, held with a fruit label, painted (H20) address labels on colored paper.

Page 96: Book page, MS ribbon strip punched from a security envelope, and a magazine image with happy face stickers. I hope you've enjoyed these pages. They are the final ones for this book. I hope you have enjoyed these pages in this book.

Today I'm featuring a web site with encaustic art by Lynn Bregman Blass who lives in North Carolina in the US. She devotes a page to explaining how to work with encaustics and tips for applying and coloring. Her gallery shows some of her lovely pieces. If you've ever wanted to learn more about encaustics, today is the perfect day!

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Halle said...

The last page has me giggling...the smiley face stickers for the models heads. Too funny!

notmassproduced said...

nice pages indeed

Marcia said...

really cool! love your pages!

steph said...

ooh love love these pages...

Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

I love the way you have recycled all those old papers and pages you had. All those strings hanging from the finished book look great and must drive Bluebeard nuts!

Terri Kahrs said...

Wow!!!! These are really awesome, Elizabeth! Did I read that correctly? Did you say 96 pages!!! Holy Cow!!! I'd love to see this book in it's wonderful entirety!!! Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

Susan Allan said...

I love this 'Oh Baby' Art Journal. (Thank you for you comment on my WOYWW posting...I had also left one for you.....I would NEVER, never, leave you out!!!!!!)
This journal is incredible, every page is full of interest, and every page is so,so,different. There is so much gorgeous detail throughout.
I WANT ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for sharing this.
I have many journal pages, hundreds probably, but they are not yet put together, you have inspired me to press on.

I love it
Have a lovely weekend
Sue xxx

Susan Allan said...

I hope you don't mind if I put you on my sidebar, then I will have easy access to your fantastic blog.
Sue xx

Bea said...

What a great journal you have put together. Well done and it's going to be such fun picking it up and looking through it over time. :)Bea

Giovanna (GiGi) said...

Love the last page Elizabeth LOL!! I've had a great time reading your last few posts on the signatures. Wonderfully inspiring!!

Incipient Wings said...

Elizabeth! wow!
this is very inspiring...what a lot of beautiful work this journal is...i love it.

The Dreaming Bear said...

What gorgeous eye candy!!! Love all the layers!

Dianne said...

i love your quirky combination of papers & images!

Anitra Cameron said...

Lol! LOVE the "Yes, if it's chinchilla" page the Best!

Healing Woman said...

I could never pick a favorite page. They are all so wonderful. Great way to finish off that fabulous journal with the cover I love so.

elle said...

Thanks, Elizabeth. I have been working mightily outside. Summer seems to have arrived. As soon as fall hits I'm going to try to tackle your excellent tutorial and example. What Fun!!!

Melinda Cornish said...

wow! this turned out wonderful and I can just imagine you working on each and every page....what is it about paper and glue and stuff that is so relaxing.....

Mar said...

good job!
are you planning to do any dry brush painting over the pages
or let the recipient do as they please
do some and leave some as is???
good job though very interesting pieces!
and the last page whoo hoo!!

Nathalie Thompson said...

I love ALL of your layouts and stitching. Totally inspiring!