Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blogland is celebrating today

Many of you across blogland are celebrating in vivid color today to honor our dear friend Terri Kahrs at Pringle Hill Studio. Terri had a very important birthday this year, and Lynn from Her Creative Spirit (yep, the same Lynn who has the flower tutorial) organized a special tribute to Terri by having a "few" of Terri's friends make ATCs honoring her day. I was really honored to be in such a select group of artisans who paid tribute to one of the most wonderful, caring, and generous persons I've had the pleasure of "meeting" in blogland. Even though we reached our Autumnal Equinox late last night, and fall is officially here, those muted colors of autumn are seldom present in Terri's art. If you've never been to her blog, you are in for an eye popping treat.

Want to see the stellar group of artists who contributed to this project? These are all the ATCs gathered by Lynn, boxed in a beautiful handmade box, and sent to Terri to celebrate her birthday today. Again, if you've not been to Terri's blog, you can click here to access the link that will show all the birthday ATCs and the box they were sent in. I am thrilled to be part of this community of bloggers who also sent miniature birthday masterpieces and surprises to honor Terri on her special day. Sorry, I'm not going to divulge how old Terri is. She'll have to tell you herself.

A funny (OK, pretty sad) thing happened on the way to this project. Lynn apparently was trying to contact me, but this was during the time I had a problem with my cox e-mail, then my internet hack attack occurred. No one could reach me. My e-mails were either bouncing (juno account) or unavailable for me to access (cox account). However, Lynn persisted, sent friends to track me down, and I was honored to say "YES" to this project, although when I learned about it, the deadline was quickly approaching, just days away in fact.

Unlike some artists, it takes me awhile to come up with a design. Unlike in industry, where I can immediately see the problem, then design the solution, art does not come easy for me. After a couple of days of contemplation, I realized I had the perfect solution to the design question. I quickly went to Margaret's blog because I knew I had seen a tutorial there that would be perfect, if I could just pull it off in the remaining time I had.

Originally I planned to create a dress that could be removed from the card. I had planned to make either a magnet or a brooch and attach it in some way to the card. But as time slipped away, I ended up making a simple card because I knew how positive and supportive Terri had been when I started my dress-up project.

I'd like to thank Margaret for the tutorial that helped me design this gift, and Lynn, who thought to include me in the surprise. And of course, a big happy birthday to Terri who has brought so much color into everyone's life she touches. Happy, happy, dear friend. May you have at least as many more.

Today's blog is one I stumbled on (some of the best are). It is called Not Paper, although I'm not sure I understand the name. This blog features collage artists from around the world. If you click on the "more" button at the bottom of each article, you will see more photos, a link to that day's blog or web site, and an interview with that day's artist. If you don't have time, or aren't interested in that day's artist, just keep scrolling and you'll see some really amazing art on the home pages. This is one eye popping blog if you are a collage artist, or if you love collage as much as I. I assure you, you will get inspired by at least ONE person's collages.

18 thoughtful remarks:

Margaret said...

Just clicked on Terri's link, what a super idea!!
Your little folded ATC and dress are fab! I love the colours and the music sheet is inspired, thanks for linking!

Lynn said...

Hi Elizabeth :)
I am so glad I tracked you down eventually because I see you at Terri's blog every single post and I knew you would want to be involved :) I love the ATC you made for Terri, the colors are soft yet bright at the same time, and the little dress just perfect, along with a matching envelope.
You even took the time while in a hurry to make a little card for me too, that was so sweet of you :)
Thanks again.... Lynn

Healing Woman said...


That was very nice of you to post the ATC birthday surprise that Lynn planned for Terri. When Lynn asked me to participate, I at first way. I had never made an ATC before! I am so glad I finally tried it because I found that it was really a lot of fun to create and I didn't want to miss out on Terri's surprise. I was shocked at how small they are. I kept thinking I was making a mistake.

I love the dress ATC that you made for her and I knew before I saw your name that it was yours. Terri definitely appreciated all of our efforts and you can tell by her thankyou that she was surprised!


Halle said...

Love the ATC! I thought the design looked familiar before I read down through the post. I do that way too often...get ahead of myself without slowing down to read everything first.

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

sweet post Elizabeth
it is special being amongst to many talented, thoughtful and kind people!
Happy first day of Fall

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

SO many ... not "to" many

Cynthia Schelzig,Cynnie said...

Wonderful ATC´s you all created....what a project!...thanks for the collage link too.

La Dolce Vita said...

just lovely to have reasons to celebrate!! love celebrations! will check out your links of course, hope things are cooling down for you!!

Marilyn Rock said...

Wonderful ATC and a special post indeed! I will check out the links - thank you! xxoo

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

These are wonderful Elizabeth, love the colours you've used too :-)
Anne x

Terri Kahrs said...

We just checked into our room here in Maine, and I had to connect to the matrix to see what was happening! Ohhhhh, Elizabeth! Once again I'm reduced to tears - albeit, very happy tears of joy - after reading your lovely post!!! Thank you, thank you My Dear Friend for your beautiful ATC too. I'm so happy that Lynn is persistent!!! The little dress is soooo precious. I will treasure it AND your wishes always. Blogland is, indeed, a wonderful loving place; and, I'm so happy to call you "friend"! Love & Hugs, Terri xoxoxo

Yvonne said...

Your card is beautiful, Elizabeth and the thought behind is even more beautiful!

ps thank you for your lovely comments on my blog:)

Steph said...

lovely ATC, E...and that's so sweet of you..

Robin Norgren said...

LOVE THE DRESS-I would ABSOLUTELY wear it. Thank you so much the wonderful comment on my blog and the info on working with polymer my first mistake was having the oven at 325 degrees...;)

apaperbear said...

Wonderful ATCs! Elizabeth! Your going to have to send me your address. I have some mail art I'd like to send you! I wonder why pics of my blog are not showing up? Happy first day of fall and I hope this finds you with cooler weather!

Lori Saul said...

I love your ATC's Elizabeth- as always so creative and well thought out. I like that you took your time (I hate to be rushed or pressured with art) and really like your finished product. How nice for Terri too. Cheers!

The Paper Princess said...

What a great ATC (and I like your IA Decide Challenge too!) Terri is amazing and I am looking forward to visitng the link with all the ATCs as well as the new to me blogs - AFTER I get some rest, lol!

Happy autumn - have a wonderful weekend!


P.S. Did you hear that the fall has brought TRIPLE DIGITS back to Summerland (that's my new name for where I'm living.) SURREAL! Guess I won't be seeing much of the boys this weekend!

Julia Dunnit said...

How gorgeous a gift is that, I bet it was the most lovely surprise, and so many little gifts full of detail. Fab. I love the dress and those succesful pastely colours again. Beautiful.