Thursday, October 15, 2009

Art is hard when you don't feel well

The first thing I made yesterday was a page for a new art piece I'm working on. I actually botched it at first and had to use different material. It's a good thing I was able to place the material over a section of the glued area, or I would have really been in a bad way. I really love this piece, so don't want to mess it up.

It never fails. Things never go well when I don't feel well. I was sick about the piece I made in the morning and early afternoon. I must have painted the fleur de lis on before the piece was completely dry, then drew words on the back. As a consequence, the piece tore right in the middle of the fleur de lis.

I tried to draw words on the back and they either weren't dry or I had too much paint on the page. I was sick about this great piece, but it is now in the trash.

So I started a second piece, this time waiting between takes. This is purple fluid acrylic, with tiny bits of gold fluid acrylic mixed in.

The second step has gold and purple fluid acrylics.

I did not feel like eating, but my dear friend Sally wanted to go to lunch. In fact, I planned to pay, but she insisted on paying since I felt so rotten. Although I normally love to eat, my stomach was not up to the task. In fact, I couldn't eat all my quiche or my fattuche.

Maybe art and food will both sound better later or possibly tomorrow.

3 thoughtful remarks:

Vicki Holdwick said...


Go get that art out of the trash. You can cut it up to use as accents in other pieces or make ACEOs or ATCs.

It is far too beautiful to let it go.

Just my two cents (I'm not sure two cents if right these days - it is probably more like 25 cents)


Robin said...

I agree with Vicki..salvage your piece because you may be able to use some of it on other projects. I do hope you get to feeling better :)

Seth said...

Get well soon everybody else says, get that art out of the trash. I think that sometimes the absolute best artwork is created from mistakes!!!